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Description : I like this so much, maybe you can do smth with that?

Description : Hope u like it

Description : Any type of dark music (Bart Beatz) piano + bells

Description : Id like this flute so much, it must be lit (Bart Beatz) good luck guys! send your works

Description : Big Baby Tape grrrah melody (Bart Beatz) send yr works brothers

Description : big baby tape trap melody, send your work, it must be lit brother (Bart Beatz)

Description : BART BEATZ PROD.

Description : (Bart Beatz) Let me know if u use this please

Description : Trap Bells Hope u can use it (Pr. Bart Beatz)

Description : Hope usuable,dm me if you want smth (Pr. Bart Beatz)

Description : 135 bpm/g5 minor (Bart Beatz) Let me know if u use this please

Description : future x offset type. if u use this mind - (Bart Beatz) Need support.

Description : NLE Choppa x Blueface hard piano

Description : some bells keys electraX 130bpm Hope u can use it, good luck (Pr. Bart Beatz)

Description : Cashmoneyap type melody Hope u like it! minor 9th
(Pr. Bart Beatz) good luck! let me know if you use that

Description : CashMoneyAp type chords (organ) 152 bpm Hope you can use it! Good luck guys!

Description : hard trap (Pr. BartBeatz) 167 bpm key e5 Hope you can use

Description : vocal melody (pr. Bart Beatz) Hope u can use that

Description : Aye aye aye guys, dream pads 160 bpm, dont remember key sorry

Description : 155 bpm, key c4 (not exact), hope u can use!
my old loop (I apologize for any inaccuracies)

Description : A# key, sad dream space melody (Pr. Bart Beatz)
Hope u can use that, let me know please.

Description : organ a5 minor hope it is usable (Pr. Bart Beatz)
If you use that, please let me know, hope at least someone needs me..

Loops 1 - 22 of 22