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Description : found a melody on here a while ago and decided to chop it up. Enjoy
Also I dont know the key sorry.

Description : MOREE DRUMS!!!

Link what you made wit dis!

Description : Made some really dope drums. Link what you made with this plss

Description : Took a hi hat perc loop from here and made this with it

Description : Hard drums .....
Link if you make something with this

Description : Just messing around on this one, Hope you can put it to good use!

Description : I AM'S BACKS!

Just took a break thats all but Im back with some more heat! Send link if you use this or any of my loops!

Description : bunch of percs . . . .

Description : just some drums I made

Description : I took the drum loop I made and put bass trap 808s over it!
Bass Notes Used : (not in order)

Description : more drums for ya!

Description : even more drums for ya

Description : Inspired by simon servidas pro level beats ad. He had some bangin drums and used the same kick pattern.

Description : Some drums I cooked up.

Description : Dark, Hard Hitting Drums For Ya'll.
Send me what you make wit dis.
Not sure what key.
Bass Notes:
D - D# - E - REPEAT

Description : Some more drums as usual.
Bass Notes:
F - C

Description : Little softy boi drums
Doesn't sound the best on its own but with a beat it goes really hard!
Bass notes:
D - A

Description : drums yeee
Bass Notes:
C# - G# - A - C# - repeat

Description : Just some drums.
Bass Notes:
C - A# - G# - G

Description : Just some drums I made.
Bass Notes:
C# - E

Description : Same loop as before but with a plugg 808 with some roll action.
Bass notes:

Description : Took a bunch of percussion and chopped it up. Then found gunshot's and put it on the second half of the loop. And I put 2 OTT'S on the 808 and took out all the high's and mids for a pure sub sound lol. Also I don't really know the key.
Bass Notes:
E - F

Description : Same loop as before but no 808

Description : Some kinda chill hard hitting trap drums for ya'll!
notes C-A#-F-G

Description : More drums for ya
The scale is C# maj
Second 4 Bars

Loops 1 - 25 of 38