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Description : heres another drum pattern. this ones a bit more complicated; i tried to use more effects

Description : Free Melly if he gets the death penalty that's a fat rip
this is my most complicated pattern yet so tell me if there's too much going on

Description : Thought this could fit a moderate tempo style of Kodak Black or Travis Scott, maybe Gucci.

Description : I did this little thing where I put the kicks everytime the 808 hits, to put more emphasis on them bitches, lemme know whatcha think or how it sound
Plz send me if u make anything, I'll for sure peep whatever u got

Description : Idk about the title I didn't know who exactly these drums sound like but they got a lot of percs so might as well
if u use this comment a link I'll peep that real quick
also if u want some of the individual parts I use (percs, kicks, etc.) comment what u want

Description : Until I get professional software, the only melodies I'll be uploading are piano type melodies like this one. I'll stay uploading them drums tho
If you use this loop, link ur stuff, I'll listen to dat real quick

Description : I know this is kind of simple, but as a relatively new melody maker, I'm pretty proud of the double keys
btw the key is G Major but tbh idk which key is which on this site
btw part 2 if you use my loop send it to me cause im tryna hear what yall makin

Description : Thought this would sound good with a piano

Description : Sorry that literally everything on my page is Playboi Carti drums, I just find myself creatively at ease when I make em

Description : There were too many artists who these drums could apply too, put a melody over it, you could pretty much whatever type beat you'd want

Description : took inspiration from Lil Mosey's Burberry Headband, produced by Royce David.

Description : thought this sounded like some hype stuff Yachty would use, and also the standard up-tempo drums of Carti

Description : Don't really know who this sounds like, so use your imagination

Description : Sounds like the uptempo, smooth drums reminiscent of Bay Area artists such as Shoreline Mafia or SOB X RBE

Description : It sounds like Carti but I didn't wanna make 2 loops with the exact same title so I kind of took inspiration from NBA Youngboy's "Traphouse" and "Slime Belief"

Description : Smooth like a Pierre Bourne x Carti track. This one got 808s in it tho.

Description : Smooth like a Pierre Bourne x Carti track. Turned the bass up a bit, hope it ain't too loud. BTW I ain't asking for credit, but if you make something with any of my loops, feel free to link it.

Description : Mainly sounds like old Gucci, but I threw Carti in there for the lion roar at the beginning. There are not 808s in this, I will post a version with 808s in it.

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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