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Description : Solo . I always said I love Deep Purple.
I really like this website so I created 222 loops for that and for you, Since september of 2015 ( when I was 16 years old ) until now.

Description : Solo ,

Description : Yeah? Solo

Description : For blues

Description : For hiphop or blues rock

Description : A sad sitar loop ( Solo),Thanks to AM Studio and special thanks to Mr.Babai,Sitar is my god.

Description : Sitar loop (solo) in dastgah "Nava" ( Re minor).For Gary

Description : Sitar Loop ( Solo ) in dastgah "Avaz Isfehan".Yeah,I'm a loser because she wanted lose me,and loses now.

Description : dArk loop

Description : Hiphop...

Description : Sitar loop (solo) in dastgah "Nava" ( Re minor).Special loop.enjoy

Description : Sitar loop ( solo ) in dastgah "Nava".( dastgah is a musical modalsystem in traditional Persian art music ).I have so much energy to help you because E=Mc^2 :)

Description : dArk.Cinematic Style

Description : another sitar loop ( solo ).yeah,sitar is my god.

Description : Played with kamancheh ( Sadly a my old friend died in a driving accident last year and the anniversary of his death is today )

Description : Played with kamancheh ( Special Loop )

Description : Played with sitar.Thanks to my master ( Mr.Babai ),Hope you like my new sitar loop.This loop is very sad.

Description : Very sad,Played with Sitar.

Description : Today,I made it for this nice loop from Mr.Minor2go,but you can use it in different styles.

Description : Played with kamancheh,Tnx to Mr.Amiri,Hope you like my new loop( Gift to Gary Moore,He is in Paradise. )

Description : TRANCE LOOP ( Hope you like it )

Description : TRANCE LOOP ( Hope you like it )

Description : Very Sad,Played with kamancheh ( Special Loop )

Loops 1 - 25 of 222
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