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Description : Here's a loop for you. Two E-Pianos from a free plugin called Zebralette. Great for some chill lo-fi. Chord progression: Fm(But with a d on top), Bb, D7, Bb

Description : Throw on some izotope vinyl or someting and some lofi drums. Add a sub bass and voilá, your beat is done. Or just do whatever you feel like. The chord progression is rather wierd:
((:Cm Cmb5)(Gm Gmsus4?:))
Syncope between Cm and Cmb5. Same thing between Gm and Gmsus4.
I didn't what to call Gmsus4, but basically it's just a Gm with a c instead of a d on top.
I'd love to hear what you've come up with. Just leave a comment down below.
Have a nice time

Description : A quite awful sounding bell through gross beat and some other effects. The key is C minor and the chord progression is :Cm Fm Cm Gm:. I'd love to see what you've come up with:).
Have a nice time

Loops 1 - 3 of 3
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