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Description : Purity

Description : C#m Thirds

Description : Made with Purity

Description : hope you guys enjoy

Description : F# HARMONIC Minor

Description : F# HARMONIC Minor

Description : Bm / 130 BPM

Description : Notification: Tay Keith would like to know your location.

Description : C# Minor
Certified by Chief

Description : E Major btw

Description : try not to cry type beat
F's in the chat
D# Minor

Description : written in C# Minor

Description : F# Major by the way.

Description : some bells from chief
C# Minor

Description : it sounded like a flute at some point but now it sounds like organs idk chief. C Major by the way

Description : C Major

Description : 808s are in C Major

Description : it's in D HARMONIC MINOR so don't tell me it's out of key thanks

Description : C# Major skrt

Description : E Major boys

Description : C# Major chief

Description : what's poppin chief

Description : good morning chief

Description : is this it chief?

Description : made with the spinz 808 deadass

Loops 1 - 25 of 36
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