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Description : Very Trappy! Send me ya stuff!

Description : Good for edm/pop or slow it down, add some efx and make lofi. Send me your stuff! Cheers.

Description : Hey just another vocal chop that could be used for pretty much any edm! Would love to hear what you make!

Description : Just messing around with some sad boi lyrics. Could be edited for lofi or something.

Description : Messing around with Slicex. Has a good sound. Let me know if you use it!

Description : Just a little bell loop good to chop up for hip hop

Description : Had a day off, So was messing around and came up with this. I'm probably not gonna use it so might as well let someone else. Send me link if used, Cheers!

Description : A minor? Do whatever, be creative. I'm interested how someone will use this.

Description : Put barely any reverb on it, sounds good with a bit of delay, I'll let you choose how much. Could be used for a build up or break or drop or whatever you choose, show me if you use it. Cheers!

Description : C# minor. Idk if this can be here but I'm gonna do it anyway. 100% original short acapella loop. Show me what you got.

Description : Just gonna put it here cause idk if i'd class this as an acapella, chop it up or resample it to make a lead. I'd be down to hear anything that its used in.

Description : Cool sounding Trap Pluck. Let me know if you use it!

Description : Creepy Music Box sound.

Description : A Sad sounding piano loop. I was digging through some of my older loops and I came across this. I made it awhile back but I don't think I'm ever going to use it, why waste it, someone might be able to use it.

Description : This is just so chill and atmospheric. I was just messing about in FM8 and created this. Not sure what it could be used for but it sounds calming. I left it dry, so to get the full effect of this loop add some heavy reverb.

Description : Just some simple bass stabs. Could be used for bass house.

Description : Taken the synth part out of a trap loop I made. Could be used in hip hop also.

Description : Quick vocal synth chop thing I whipped up.

Description : Chopped up vocals ran through vocodex. Can be used for most electronic music.

Description : Dirty hard synth, could be used for electro, dubstep, trap or sped up for dnb.

Description : The bottom part separated.

Description : The top part separated.

Description : Was messing around with serum when I created this arp. Pretty basic but still could be useful to some people.

Description : Pretty straightforward pluck, good for chill, trap maybe hip hop. EQ used to soften it a bit, Reverb added to make it feel more "Airy"

Description : Unsure of the exact key but seems to work with a D# 808. Mainly for trap.

Loops 1 - 25 of 26