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Description : Hey everyone! Back with another drum loop. Made in FL Studio. Used Sumo to fatten it up a bunch. You could add some Hats though, and it may make it a bit better. If ya use it let me know, and I'll checkout your song. Also if you have any questions, requests, or comments, feel free to message me. Have a blessed day!
Description : If Terror Squad was a construction kit by Cymatics. This construction kit includes: Bass, Drums and Stabs. Fun fact: goes well with Auver's dubstep bass wobble loops xddddddddd
Description : This loop is free to use :)
Description : This is another one of my dubstep drum loops. if you want me to make a sample pack can you download and comment. I love you guys. You make it worth doing this
Description : errrr
Description : eh.....
Description : This is a Dubstep wonky riddim drumline with growls and stuff. I love you guys. You make it worth doing this
Description : This is a modification of my other snare and hihat loop with no EQ or sidechain
Description : This is a snare and hihat drumloop ideally for drops. I love you guys so send me your work and I will happily listen to it
Description : This is a snare roll made in FL Studio. I love you guys so send me your work if you used this and I will happily watch it
Description : I made this in FL Studio and It is 140bpm and perfect for dubstep or future styles
Description : Heavy snare and a nice bass-toned kick. Taken right out of my sample pack I'm releasing soon! Check back for more and comment what you used this thing in!
Description : Made with FL Studio, and Dominator. (For the Yoi sound.) Let me know if ya use it! I'll gladly take a listen! Have a blessed day! :D
Description : You will love me for that
Description : I'm gonna use this one in my next song. But if you use it, let me know! I'd love to see how ya use it :D I made it with FL Studio.
Description : All that's missing is some growls and Sub. If you use this in a song, please link it in the comments, because I love seeing your guy's work, it helps keep me motivated to make these!
Description : a heavy beat i made whilst testing bittersweetV3 by FLUX, its a good shaper, search it
Description : Here is a nice beat at 140 bpm in Emin or Gmaj.
Description : This beat is at 140 bpm and is for the Inspiration Synths.
Description : i won't be using this beat i made in 20mins, be free to use it :D
Description : something I'm working on!
Description : I remade drums from the song Phobos by Solkrieg. please leave a link if you use this loop.
Description : A hard hitting dubstep build-up with claps that add up with hard kicks and smashing snares, as well as some fx to make your track sound that little bit better!
Description : Drums for dubstep/hybrid trap with crazy hi hats and rides.
Description : Sounds like... me!
Loops 1 - 25 of 1561
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