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Description : They won.
Description : Tenderly
Description : Analog tape sound. Paris 2006
Description : From my song "Il malandrino". Chords: Am7 G5 (x3) Am7 F E7
Description : Clean electric guitar loop.
Description : Part of the "BROKEN MEMORIES" loop pack. Enjoy this piece!

Description : Electric Guitar Loop
Description : Ami, F, C, G.... 140 bpm
Description : Ami, F, C, E.... 140 bpm
Description : Guitar in Eb minor
Description : Arpeggio in Em
Description : Here is a slower guitar loop
Description : Live mandolin, no effects. This loop will work with Mando 1 Notes C-D. 100 bpm.
Description : Live mandolin, no effects. This loop will work with mando 1 Strum C-D. 100 bpm.
Description : Acoustic guitar loop in F#min. ...more or less. Done in Reason 6 with Audacity.
Description : Guitar-Loop in D - MAJOR; You can find other cool stuff on my Looperman profile page! Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it :-) Thanks
Description : this one is from a track that i am currently working on
Description : Acoustic guitar loop, can be looped with guitar 1.
Description : 130 bpm acoustic guitar loop can be looped with guitar 2
Description : Since the loop's been down for about two months, thats given me enough time to learn how to (very basically) play the guitar. This is just a simple progression from Esus4 to E major for the first two bars, and then A major without the fifth string bieng pressed (not sure of the actual name)

My microphone wire is pretty much dead, so there is still some slight static, even though I've done what I can to remove it.
Description : Chill guitar, wandering sort of vibe. Not sure about the chords because I just digged this recording from ancient temples, hah, but I'm pretty sure its G based.
Description :
Description : This goes with the high version. Same notes, same chord progression, same nice calming effect. Love it.
Description : Some really nice calming guitars that could go with just about anything. I really love this loop.
Description : basic guitar chords
Loops 1 - 25 of 301
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