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Description : Hit me up if you have any questions.
Description : fairly simple wind sounds i recorded, outside, could add a nice background effect for your track or something?
Description : 70 bpm,C. Wind Loop. Bagpipe View. Misc Piece. Use as needed. Saw the site needed more of these. Enjoy.
Description : nice pad for anything
Description : Light
Description : Thought I lost mah edge, yo. Have fun with it! UPDATE: I made a track for this loop. Check out my Soundcloud or my profile under the name "Second Wind".
Description : Golden wind brings mental solstice.
Description : hells wind
Description : Wind Upright with rhodes, Good luck!!!
Description : I dont know if its good enough to be here...but I found a old free vst with crappy Quality but nice sounds and that What I make out of 2 of this sounds...THIS FITS TO THE FX I WILL UPLOAD...
made with the same vst...however if this will not reach some downloads I will delete it.
Say what you think about this and dont forget to leave a link if u use this
Description : KEY: B-min
TEMPO: 80bpm
some Reaktor Form layers. Ca't really call it a wind, or a string or a bell, but it is all of those
Description : made with gladiator in Fl11
Description : Fl Studio 12 Bottles

If you download and use this loop send me a link so I can listen to what you came up with, I'd really like to hear it!!
Description : Made with: Indiginus Strummaker IV - Acoustic Guitar Electrified. Inspired in: Wind of Change by Scorpions.
Description : ........
Description : The Spirit is like wind, doesn't know where its from or where it is going.
Description : Just dust in the wind, bros.
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : A clean, atmospheric pad. Makes me think of wind slicing through a vast field of tall grass.
Description : .....
Description : Remaking some of my older stuff.
Description : some floots and abuse
Description : 8 bit tone at 85 bpm
Description : Made in FL something-a-rather using a breath of air as a wind-up with massive reverb and sidechaining
Loops 1 - 25 of 61
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