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Description : I've been making some impact effects to use, with lots of different types and uses. Over the next five days, I will release 1 impact a day! :D Enjoy them. (1/5 - Reverbed giant bass kick with white noise that slowly sidechains out)
Description : A Soundation-made Zomboy style drums uncluding a crash, kicks, snares, closed and open hats, rides, and a white noise FX. Enjoy! Not tonal so can be used with any melody.
Description : A re-upload of a guitar loop without the white noise
Description : A little white noise for you tracks. Have fun! ;D
Description : this is some white noise i made
Description : this took me like a minute to make in massive
Description : White noise drop and rise/sweep. Clip it, trim it, distort it, I use this sample all the time with different plugins to make great effects.
Description : Use this loop as a layer for your drums in Dubstep, Electro, DnB or whatever you make. It is made so that the peak of the volume is on the snare. It sounds weird alone, but good in practice... Let me know if you make anything with it!
Description : Produced in Ableton and WAV pad sound editor, this is actually a vocal and a snare I spliced together and pitch bent first in WAV then pitch bent in Ableton as well, the quality of the vocal distorted and became white noise. You then go into your mixer and write the "speaker on" in a rhythmic pattern and export. 64 BPM and can easily be used in 128bpm production
Description : A combination of synths that melt in your ear With a nice melody, the crisp airy sound of a synthesized white noise file with a 4-bar sidechain, the resonating sound of a sakura string instrument, the rough hits of a hard synth and a high ping of a bell synth, all combined to make this wonderful harmonious tune. Ill be uploading the individual synth files later. This also goes nice with my Auto chords collection.
Description : A rise using a kick, snare, gated saw, didgeridoo fx, all with pitch automation and also a gated white noise 'whoosh'.
Description : Sidechained.
Description : Vowel Wobble + White Noise/Background stuff. (the sound is sidechained)
Description : First upload! I'm working on a song of sorts and I'll upload the individual parts for people to use if they want. All of my files are made using FL Studio 10 with various plugins and drum kits. EDIT: If anyone has any raps/stuff to put on top, I would love it in the full song. Message me!
Description : white noise 2 w sidechain riser
Description : white noise 2 w sidechain falling
Description : white noise 2 w no sidechain riser
Description : white noise falling w no sidechain
Description : for risers/transitions...whatever lol.
Description : A basic White Noise Fx.
Description : White Noise Riser... thought it would be beneficial to some people...
Description : Complete Drop I made for you split up into single loops. Dont miss this one! Best wishes, Tim Garvois
Description : There was a problem with the original one so I fixed it putting reversed white noise. Build remake of Spitball by Barely Alive. Sylenth 1 VTX
Description : An atmospheric effect loop with a white noise sort of character. Could definitely be used for any sort of genre.
Description : This is the simple White noise, that has been changed into Rise Fx.
Loops 1 - 25 of 54
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