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Description : Analog Bells Loop. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Hey guys the notes are A...F.E.E.E.E.
Description : sound like an synthy whistle with a piano
Description : This is part of the "Money" group of sounds. Comment your link if you decide to use them
Description : Its an Angelic Whistle made in Sytrus If you use this maybe send me a link. I'd love to see what ya'll do with it
Description : This could be used in a variety of different ways. Have fun.
Description : Trap beat
Description : Browsing through some of my beats (as always) I came across this. Very simple with just a pinch of reverb. I hope you guys are able to put it to good use (: CHEERS!
Description : Love After Whistle Loop By YogeshST:) Sorry For The Quality!!!!:-|
Description : Use with Catchy Deep Bass if ya want...
Description : supertron
Description : supertron
Description : supertron
Description : Supertron
Description : Supertron
Description : This sound was made in Wavestation.
Description : If you use my Sample in your work just send me a link to it . I want to see what you are doing with my stuff :D
Description : Made with FL Studio 10. I used it in one of my beats.
Description : this is a whistle effect i made
Description : I wanna see what can you do with this loop. Good luck!
Description : dope trap loop ,use it ,and heres a link to a full beat
Description : dope trap loop, if you got another way to use it use it and heres a link to this beat ,
Description : Has a basic club chords in it with a blend of whistle synth...Suitable for electronic musics... If you used it, give me the link of your stuff, I will surely listen it, at least for YOU.... -Shahee
Description : 8 bars of a female choir singing in a large church. Implied harmonies: Ebm--Bbm--Db--Ab--Ebm--Bbm--Db--Db7add9--Gb
Description : Dope G Funk Whistle... Check out my profile for more information...
Loops 1 - 25 of 126
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