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Description : I can hear them rappin on this shit

Post your beat below :D

DM for work, collab, beats, samples...

Description : I played a one shot of a piano note then put reverb on it (wet: 100%, dry: 0%). I then recorded and put it into a sampler and added EQ to get the frequencies I wanted. It became this weird pad because of it.

KEY: D Major

GMaj7 - DMaj9
GMaj7 - DMaj9 - Am6


Description : now this guys is what a nigga can call epic

Description : mood Swing Type Melody!
Put sum trap drums and it makes an emotional beat. Trust me i made one! Good melody piano reverse flute synth weird bells.

Description : Two Words: Shit slaps

Link your work in the comments if you used the loop

Description : It's on Gm Scale...

Description : yeah I dont know who would use this, maybe XXXTENTACION or Scarlxrd, but it dont really sound like their shit,

last try

Description : weird thing I don't know what to do with.

Description : sum weird pad and synth
lemme know what u make

Description : Weird Beat

Description : I guess I like weird guitar tunes.

Description : Weird Synth Loop

Description : Some weird detuned piano

Description : Dont really know just a weird sound

Description : Hey there, this loop sounds like the background music of that weird animes, don't forget to share the link of your track and enjoy!

Description : Weird but kinda cool but also kinda hard guitar melody made in Logic with stock sounds. Link what you made in the comments i'd love to hear what you made.

Description : leave comment if you made something

Description : weird trapish melody

Description : lmk if used LOL

Description : A loop i made using a weird preset

Description : show me what you got !

Description : kinda weird

Description : weird sliding down effect, 110 bpm

Description : experimental

Description : idk
made with sakura
leave ur work

Loops 1 - 25 of 836
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