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Description : mellow strings and voice synth in Aminor
Description : My voice is beautiful, aint it?
Description : Voice
Description : Broke my headphones and i literally can't hear low end (i mix via headphone). Help, doing it visually. Made with FL Pitcher, synthy stuff and mostly shots in the dark. "After all we've been through i didn't expect this from you".
Description : Voicy pad with strings
Description : Analog tape sound. Recorded on Sony Handheld Cassette Voice Recorder. Paris 2006
Description : A simple auto tuned voice with some effects saying exactly what the title says. I hope you guys enjoy (:
Description : No sample,This is my voice ( Mix with drum loop 2 )
Description : No sample,This is my voice ( Mix with drum loop 1 )
Description : I found this voice in some internet archives, and decided to enchance it. I also maked a loop but there are clicks, so i uploaded only sample. Have a good day.
Description : A combination of Sitar and Guitar Chords for accompaniment. In addition I included a base line with some basic Chord notes to get a soft background with a Sound called "Space Voice". But this sound is used very quiet and soft. The melody is varied and contains syncopation Rhythm. The mood is a kind of Bollywood feeling.
Description : Some Pitched Voice For Trap or hip Hop say if u use it...
Description : Here is a scary sound loop I created using some effects and my voice. I think this will work best in cinematic. But, who knows maybe you can find it useful in other genres. Enjoy. If you make something with it, feel free to leave a link below so I can take a listen. Thanks!
Description : just choir chords, pretty basic...
Description : Useful for intro/outro, break, transition etc.
Description : People of Looperman, here's some Naughty Boy-like stuff. Make it big! Peace, Tim Garvois
Description : Hope you like!
Description : Hope you like it :) It's my voice. i used splicex and a sampler :)
Description : Made with: SoundIron Voice of Gaia Francesca Genco - Legato Ah F. Plugins used: Breeze.
Description : Made with: SoundIron Voice of the Rapture The Bass - Legato Oh. Plugins used: Breeze.
Description : Go To My Profile For More Free Loops !
Description : .....
Description : Hello everyone! I decided to upload my bass loops from our new sample pack which will be released soon! They are all free to use. Enjoy with them :)
Description : "Midified" loop, based on @steelvibes "sol lune", but didn't find so original source here @Looperman. Some Blips at the start/end of the loop, so you have to cut them.
Description : FL STUDIO 12 USING VOICE PADS If you use this loop please feel free to send me a link! I'd like to hear what you came up with!!!
Loops 1 - 25 of 298
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