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Description : Made by KUUDA - Letters
Vocals, Bells

IG and SC in Bio!
Description : Made by KUUDA - 5G IS DANGEROUS

Vocals, Strings
Description : Smooth stuff
Description : Smooth stuff
Description : Smooth stuff.
Description : D sharp maj7
Description : Made by KUUDA - REMINDER

Vocals edited, Soft Piano

House Type Sample
Description : Another pad with some custom vocals. Enjoy
Description : Vocals I did for one of my loops. Comment what you do!
Description : Dark pad with custom vocals
Description : Made with Massive, Serum and my own vocals with some filters.
Description : my buddy recorded and set me these vocals to produce a track around, getting the session started now on live stream, come hang out.
Description : Eerie melody with backing vocals.
Description : C maj 140bpm
Description : Made in Serum. Comment your tracks!
Description : Made in Reason
Description : Made in Reason
Description : Made in FL-Studio 11
Description : Recreating THAT famous beat..i did the vocals too but not ready for upload yet..
Description : Here is the second female vocals glitched. If you use it, leave a link down below.

Description : Here are some glitched female vocals I made. These were intended for Drum N Bass but could be used in several genres as well. If you use them, be sure to use leave a link down below, so I can take a listen.

Have a great day and enjoy!
Description : This is a simple build-up with an 808 snare and a pitch automation clip!
The gap at the end is necessary so fill it up with FX or vocals!
Description : sharing yet another project.
my keys don't work, they used to tho
Description : Vocals recorded in the studio
Description : vocoder
Loops 1 - 25 of 264
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