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Description : Shoutout to @realkorens, uploaded this for ya mate!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : Made with a vocal kontakt library, all voices are the same library/sound

Bass notes:

D - E - F#

Description : Hope you can use it
Contact me anytime :)

Description : Sounds super SoundCloud, and that's the vibe I was going for. Was working on a song with this and might even add my own vocals. I also really wanna hear what you guys do with this. Let me know if you use it!

Description : Vocals asap

Description : Go to my profile to find matched piano

Description : Lol used an amp for my vocals.

Description : Dark sample Prod by Dead note.
Comment what you think

Description : Backing vocals I did for the Hook I uploaded. It can be used in a verse, intro, drop, wherever.
All I ask is to be featured.

Description : Msg me for custom vocal loops
C# Major

Description : Bass pad with Pluck and custom vocals. All I ask is to be feat.

Description : Steinway Grand Piano with Chords and Choir/Vocals

Description : Made with Omnisphere and Vocals

Description : vocals

Description : Hit me up on IG for serious collabs only!

Piano,Chopped Vocals

Description : Made by KUUDA - 5G IS DANGEROUS

Vocals, Strings

Description : Smooth stuff

Description : Smooth stuff

Description : Smooth stuff.

Description : D sharp maj7

Description : Made by KUUDA - REMINDER

Vocals edited, Soft Piano

House Type Sample

Description : Another pad with some custom vocals. Enjoy

Description : Vocals I did for one of my loops. Comment what you do!

Loops 1 - 25 of 286
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