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Description : Inspired by Virtual Riot, this melody loop makes use of huge stacked saws, a distorted bass, and a chiptune lead. There is also some sidechain, OTT compression, and dimensional expansion. Add drums and vocal chops to work perfectly in your next EDM intro or drop.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve on future loops. Feel free to leave a link to your creations in the comments.

Description : Vocal Sample
By Nasty B
Check my bio for my latest projects/beats/loops.

Description : Comment what you make :D
feel like this would go good with bells or a piano

Description : Royalty Freeeeee!!
I tried a Drake Style Vocal Chain

E minor
If you need other keys, or untuned, let me know

Description : comment what you make :D
When I did this I was thinking of no guidance
Baby, your eyes glow too
I don’t know what I’d do
If I didn’t have you x2

Description : A curious percussive passage with strange vocal FX added. 8 seamless bars.

Description : Very basic due to my inability to slice vocals.

Description : High Quality Loop For Dark Ambient Trap Beats
Download all 4 Parts For Complete Sample

Description : Another day, another loop. Let's see what you guys can do... Please click the link in my profile if you want to hear the full beat, Rapbeat125. Enjoy!
--- Click my profile pic for more info! ---

Description : Ambient yet produced with high quality pads and flutes along with vocal chops for absolute melodic ambient vintage feel

Description : Show me your Work and have Fun :)

You need more ? So write me on Instagram :@)

Description : flicker vocal stem

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. Check my profile page for midi.

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. Check my profile page for midi.

Description : This is my first vocal melody, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it! Please link whatever you make with this in the comments below, thank you!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Synth used - Exale (Kontakt 5)

Description : Strange unused loop made by me

Description : Just inspiration by Travis

Description : Vocal Sample Loop Swish Type
Made from a oneshot shoud of my friend trying to immitate a birds from back ago.
Did a litte DA Doman here

Description : Hope usable

Description : Some Nice Vocals with Reverb! Who can make the hottest beat ? I will post on my youtube channel!

Description : Very-slightly-crunchy vocal lead. The rest of the original track is F Min, but TuneBat says that this loop is C Min, so...

Description : a vocal loop that I made

Description : little vocal I made for a beat I'm working on, maybe some of you can use to.. Enjoy :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 1311
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