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Description : Dark Trap or LoFi Piano made with Nexus Grandpiano.And I added some vinyl , old school effect.There is chords and melody in it.So useful if you can chop and sample it nice.
Let me see your work in comments below!

Description : Im attempting to make my own drums for old school hiphop/lofi stuff since none of the kits I've come across are either trash, or too 'lofi' for my weird preferences.

this loop was constructed from various drums from sample breaks, and the Snare Jordan kits.

Use if you like, links what you make, yo!

Description : x_x

leave links below
im back guys :)

Description : I'm having more fun on this website then I should be...

Link what you make!

Description : Ambient Omnisphere Flute that I edited to sound like a sampled record with some vinyl/amp distortion and a tremolator. Show me what you can whip up with it in the comments or on my IG (see profile)!

Description : sounds cool with vinyl crackling

Description : vinyl piano
A# Minor

Description : A Travis Scott x Cubeatz type melody.
Only a piano.

- EQ (Low- & High-end)
- iZotope Vinyl
- Reverb
- Fruity Slicer

Contact me on via my Looperman profile to get the MIDI.

For exclusive loops, drum kits or anything else, contact my email via Looperman.

Description : A Travis Scott x Cubeatz type dark melody.
Only a piano.

I Used:
- EQ'ed low- and high-end
- Fruity Slicer
- iZotope Vinyl

For MIDI, contact me via my looperman profile.

Interested in exclusive loops, exclusive drum kits or collabs? Contact me on my looperman profile.

Description : piano vinyl

Description : Vinyl vibe keyscape rhodes with darker bass notes in the second loop.
Show me what you can whip up with it in the comments or my IG!

Description : x_x

leave a link with your work below

Description : for your phonk/trill/$uicideboy$ type tracks. show me what u make. Added some vinyl crackle for a vintage effect, the crack won't be audible in your mix so dont worry, it just gives it some vintage shaper elements.

Description : use this with other loops --- like a counter melody or something. show me what u make if u use this!!! Added a bunch of vinyl noise aswell to make it sound vintage.

Description : Piano with a lot of vinyl effect and a lot of EQing.
send me links of what you did.
have fun

Description : Unused piano loop from a recent project. Somebody needs to give it a home! Left out the vinyl static so you can add your own.

For those playing along at home: Aadd9 / F#m7 / E / D7
Simple but effective.

Description : Hats + 2 types of snares (standart pitch and low) with a little vinyl effect

If you used this perc, let me know! I would be interested to listen to this.

Description : used unstable fruity chorus and izotope vinyl
for custom samples hit me up on instragram : dwizzyt

Description : sample i made in fl studio
used unstable izotope vinyl and a fruity chorus

Description : I used a vinyl crackle that was made by GrimOrotsukiLives. Go check them out.

Description : Old creepy piano
cubeatz style
lemme see what u can make!

Description : A simple piano with halftime some vinyl warp and reverb. The only difference with this one is that it has a top melody

Description : A simple piano with halftime some vinyl warp and reverb.

Description : Hope usable

Description : Cooked it up in fl, orignally had no vinyl but i thought the vinyl a fuck ton of character to it hope yall enjoy

Loops 1 - 25 of 312
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