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Description : Simple sine stab chords with a rhythmically swelling pong delay+reverb ambience. Little bit of vinyl distortion. Made with stock Ableton devices.
Description : For all the Lo-fi producers out there :)
Description : Leave a comment if you created something out of it
Description : Vintage Pad Loop. 16 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : A new rhodes loop, a lot of dope songs from the previous one. (also down for "official collabs") Hit me up: CHORDS: F - Fmaj7 - F - Fmaj7 - Bbmaj7 Let me know if you have used this loop!
Description : Played in Cmin This is a very very old bass melody i played long time ago. It´s not the most authentic one, but still cool if you ask me.
Description : Played in Dmin11 - Fmin9 - Dmin9 - Fmin9
Description : Played in Cmaj7 - Emaj7 - A#maj7
Description : Played in Emin - Cmin
Description : Played in Fmin9 - G#min9
Description : Played in Fmin9 - G#min9
Description : CHORDS: Dm7/9 - Cma7 - Dm7/9 - Cma7 - Dm7/9 - Cma7 - Gm7 - Fmaj7 Let me know if you have used this loop!
Description : Played in Dmin - Cmaj - Gmin
Description : Played in Emin
Description : A little sample by me, just reverse, put some fx... and add a vinyl loop :)
Description : Simple lil soft piano loop w reverb, and a vinyl filter.
Description : Here's a chill and jazzy Rhodes chord progression that I made, I didn't know what to do with it but I'd love to see if you do !
Description : I think I have specialized in making Lofi Bells with vinyl effect and Love Filter :D .I put it into Trip Hop because this Genre Needs more Loops. ALL I WANT IS THAT YOU MAKE SOMETHIN OUT OF THIS..(Some really Trippin but Light Drum will be good...and not 808 - i hate it in Trip Hop -_-) cheers have a good day
Description : Its my first Creation, made with Logic Pro X
Description : I added a vinyl dust and distort the sound to make it vintage, enjoy!
Description : Hip Hop Drums
Description : Synth used: ALPHA-RAY, experimenting with XILs Vocoder, Antresol, Vinyl-strip and compression for that vintage feel.
Description : Played in Emin
Description : Played in Fmin
Description : Played in Dmin - Emin - Dmin - Amin
Loops 1 - 25 of 151
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