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Description : Very spacey pluck with a lot of reverb with some iZotope Vinyl on top of it, made in Fl Studio 12
Scale: G# Major

Description : Meek Mill x Drake Going Bad Type Melody
Created with : Old Time Space in Alchemey
Effects used : Half Time, Izotope Vinyl and a vinyl crackle
For the midi and vinyl crackle just message me on Ig or via my email which you can find on my profile by clicking on my picture : )
Key : C Minor
BPM : 172
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : put a gross beat and izotope vinyl on a yamaha grand piano to sound kinda old and detuned D# minor

comment any songs you used it in

Description : some keys played in massive and some subtle dust added, with izotope vinyl im not sure but this sounds kind of like lofi, and have a merry Christmas everyone.

Description : I added a few fx like reverb and a bit of EQ.

Description : vinyl rainy night. old record sound.

Description : I recorded some rain this morning and put some vinyl effects on it to make it sound more Lo-Fi.
COMMENT IF USED IN A TRACK. Ill leave a like

Description : Used smaples from a vinyl sample pack. Slapped on a izotope vinyl, EQ, vocoder on the hats to give em a different sound.
COMMENT BELOW IF USED. Ill leave a like

Description : Piano, vinyl, tape emulation, good for bad days

Description : Piano Chords, Old Tape feeling, vinyl sounds, unstable

Description : the key is c minor.

Description : A minor arp guitare,a little voice, vinyl, for lofi, hiphop, sad stuff

Description : Lofi , bit wonky, drums, vinyl and chimes, for slowhiphop, lofi etc

Description : Rhodes Chords, a little violin, vinyl, for boombap, lofi, triphop.

Description : Sad rhodes, a slow horn, and vinyl

Description : Enjoy, thankyou for using the loop.

Description : Sad rhodes chords for hiphop, lofi , trip hop with vinyl

Description : Used some random LoFi keyboard kit I found and a little bit of Izotope Vinyl.
Please drop a link if you use this I like listening to your tracks :)
If you want the sample without the effects just let me know.

Description : First time uploading!

Made with Nexus VST and used iZotope Vinyl plugin to add an extra effect with the sound.

Link what you come up with please! :)

Description : Kick and Snare with Lofi Vinyl effect

Description : Hope usable

Description : Made using STORCH VST (Fl Studio)
Sounds: Guitar (California Guitar Vinyl FX)

If you use my loops, please post a link so I can see your good work! :)

Description : *comment if u make anything with this :)

[tags: lofi synth vinyl keys static ambience]

Description : hmu w what you make

Description : Vibey, LoFi style guitar with some vinyl hiss in the background. Consists of two chords repeated for 4 bars.

Loops 1 - 25 of 249
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