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Description : pitch bend done with izotope vinyl. i put a bit crusher and some reverb, delay, and a high pass filter
Description : a cool, old sounding piano with compression and izotope vinyl.

lofi piano hip hop lo-fi muffled dusty vinyl lowpass abe masaryk Rhodes Jazz Jazzy Vintage
Description : Show me what you do w this :)
Description : A nice horror trap piano with some vinyl sounds to add to the feel. Can be used for some more advanced trap projects. Show me what you come up with and check out some more of my work.
Description : some old vinyl brass stabs cut into a nice future house loop.
Description : Nice Rnb/smooth jazz ballad complete with chords and improv. Made in FL with RoomMachine reverb plugin, Izotope Vinyl plugin, and tape saturation.
Description : Played in: D#min

Marry Christmas to all of you! :)
Description : Very tight and fast paced Jungle/Neuro/DnB drum loop with some vinyl crackle in it.
Description : Hip Hop Drums 90bpm with vinyl crackle.
Description : Played in: Dmin
Description : Because that's how old 'big room' has become by now lol
Description : Hey everyone, this is my first loop. Lounge Lizard VST W/ Vulf Compressor and Retro RE-20 for Vinyl Noise and LFO. This is one of the chord progressions for my track 'Visor' off my new project 'Ephemeral Beams' check out my profile for more info.

Happy Sampling.
Description : My Chopped Vinyl Drum Sounds
Description : Made this with the default Rhodes piano on FL. Added a little reverb, threw pitcher on there, and a little bit of the vinyl effect playing in the back to make it a little more authentic. if you use it, let me know.
Description : Rhodes chords made with the VST Purity. I put a reverb and chorus, and then I use LFOtool and Pitcher to make that lo fi sound. I also added a vinyl sound to make older.
Description : Played in: Cmin
Description : Realised in Sugarbytes Turnado and Reason 9
Description : Vinyl FX
Description : broken vinyl
Description : Played in: Dmaj13 - Fmaj13
Description : Played in: F#min
Description : Played in F#maj7 - Dmin - F#maj7
Description : okay last one with vinyl effect
Description : More piano vinyl
Loops 1 - 25 of 183
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