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Description : The melody inspired me during a walk in Nature. Key is in D minor with a typical Cuba Touch. I used my new Musescore 2 Notation Programm to edit this loop. I did not use any effects because the sound of trumpet was already there. I used this Material from my loop "Cuba Feeling for Guitar" but changed the key, some rhythmic addings amd expanded the melody to a second part with 8 bars.
Just published the complete track Cubafeeling and 9 new tracks on a digital distribution Service:
Alternative download mp3 track:
Description : sum pop loops i made in the style of Wacko Jacko!

Description : From my beat called Jazz Night. Comment with a link if you use this. Thanks!
Description : A nice melody designed with my Gibson G-101 organ, using the trumpet setting. I could see this being useful for lots of styles, like funk or cinematic or whatever.
Description : A nice mellow melody made with my Gibson G-101 organ, using a trumpet setting. Has a bit of a delay added for extra interest. I'm categorizing it as an organ, as that's what the sound came from. Enjoy!
Description : i grabbed dblue the other day and played around
Description : i grabbed dblue the other day and played around
Description : Sound like a Dark Age Trumpet
Description : Sounds like a trumpet that is played in the dark ages
Description : Created & Recorded In FL Studio
Description : Created in FL Studio
Description : A simple trumpet melody I created that could fit for various types of songs. The key is on G, and has a tempo of 80bpm. Feel free to change the pitch and use however you want. Just show me what you come up with.
Description : Created in Edirol Orchestral and mastered in FL STudio 11
Description : Eletronic Trumpet Made with Fl Studio
Description : I hope you enjoy
Description : Real Nice Trumpet
Description : short trumpet loop trap type
Description : the moon is a round, wolf's cry echoes, wolfman stalks. trumpet and trombones sample in 7/4 time to create some tension before, then during the monster's attack
Description : Trumpet in my bossa nova "Batida"
Description : this works with the trumpet enjoy
Description : enjoy
Description : Brass loops made with DSK BRASS using the piccolo trumpet & brass esemble
Description : DSK Brass synth. Trumpet/Brass orchestra. octave -.5 & 0. comment and enjoy
Description : Drum And Bass Trumpet Loop

Original Sampling: 96 KHz /24 bit*
Let me know if you use it in your projects.
Description : Dark Piano/trumpet loop I made in Fl Studio! Let me kno if you use this! Enjoy
Loops 51 - 75 of 178
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