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Description : let me know where ur song gonna be!!
Description : Custom Serum Patch. Kind of sounds like a chopped trumpet sample.
Description : Aria player
Description : trumpet
Description : A retro-sounding trumpet ensemble with a random shitty chorus effect attached.
Description : HD PREMIUM LOOP PACK LIVE! ATTN: This will be my last pack until winter 2017 (northern hemisphere) at my earliest return to loop production. I got kids and they are going back to school! :-) Enjoy all 15 100% royalty free loops for any of your songs, personal or commercial. Yes, you can sell songs based off of these loops and keep all of what you make. All of my loops will remain up but no new ones after this one for a while. Thank You for your patronage and support! Joe.
Description : Simple Trap Trumpets
Description : Simple Trap Trumpets
Description : Hope usable
Description : I want to see what you guys can make of this trumpet melody.
P.S The other note I used with D# is C
Description : Have fun with this one, I would love to hear what you do wit it....
Description : Have fun:-)
Description : Hello people im back again with an another with the wide success of my first pack SYMPHONY i have decided to release a sequal pack to it and its name is DESTINY and the loops which im uploading now is from the same one so

Description : Fake as hell. And.. a very old sample.
Description : hope this inspires.
Description : Cinematic Trumpet Loop By YogeshST.
Description : some funky trumpet...
Description : KEY: F-min
TEMPO: 120bpm
An accompaniment to joneschr002's 'The Plain' piano loops
Description : cool sounding trumpet, with the usual trappy piano keys behind it.
Description : say if u use......
Description : ................
Description : 3(0v0)3
Description : Hey guys, this is a trumpet loop from my song Phrygische Frieda. It´s 96 BMP and the Scale is C-Phrygian(C, Db,Eb, F, G,Ab ,Bb).
Hope you can use it for some crazy stuff;-)
Description : I tried to remake the drop sound of "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE". I just used the nexus muted trumpet Lead preset, added a lot of distortion, putted some hard compressors on it and cutted the things that sounded bad :) I hope you like it! It fits perfectly to the other Arabian things i made!
Description : Some hard Arabian drop bass with sidechain effect that should sound like that in the drop of "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE". I hope you like it! It fits perfectly to the other Arabian things :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 169
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