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Description : Peace
Description : Gentle groove of bongos and tambourine.
Description : Trippy Synth Loop 170bpm
Description : or just trippy drums
Description : or just trippy lead
Description : Harpsichord plays a trippy rhythm.

Implied Harmonies: C---G---F--G---C
Description : An electric sitar plays in a small room.
Description : Trap,nice,trippy
Description : Trippy.
808 is: G, C, D#, D
Description : Strange distant 'plips'. Reminds me of this weird trip this one time.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : 8 seamless bars of an intense, trippy organ riff.
Description : PartyNextDoor/TheWeeknd/Trippy style loop
Drop a link if you use it
Description : Once again with serum, but this time with some trippy tweaking of the WTPos. Sort of a Kid Cudi Vibe to it maybe? Very weird loop that I know one of y'all is going to destroy.
Description : lil gross beat lil half speed lil backmask you already know
Description : A simple trippy bell loop I put together, use how you want and show me what you come up with. If you like my loops, check out some of my work on my site and also on my youtube. More fire drum kits and beats on the way as well.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a weird, hollow ambience. Cool!
Description : 8 seamless bars of a mangled synth sound. Very trippy.

Implied Harmonies: Cm7------Gm7
Description : 8 seamless bars of a slow, gentle arpeggiated progression fingered on a steel-string guitar... with loads of trippy FX added.
Description : Eight seamless bars. Slow chords played on the Fender-Rhodes electric piano, but given some FX for a trippy-yet-soothing effect. (A slow funk groove seems to underpin the chords.)

Implied harmonies: Fmaj9--Abmaj9---Fmaj9---Dbmaj9
Description : Trippy synth using 3COSX in FL Studio 12, demo version (lmao).
Description : Enjoy. Contact me if you wanna talk business
Description : Hey my bros and sis !!!

I am back again with an another trippy Hip hop sample !
it contains some heavy duty 808 kicks and hi hats and some of my special snares combined with some wonderful toms to give it a nice flow!

Description : .....
Description : A trippy 2 bar loop panning across with a lot of reverb.
Loops 1 - 25 of 93
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