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Description : All of these sounds are credited to Cymatics since they did the free sample pack "Hybrid Trap Synth FIlls Vol.1 & 2"
Description : Nice trap synth stuff. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Description : Don't Sleep... Todays Sleeper Freebie.. Helm. Trap Synth using CM Bells preset with tweaked parameters routed to a free Transient Processor Transient. Equalized using API 550B
Description : Made with DUNE 2 plugin, don't plan on finishing the beat I used it for so I'm just throwing it out here

Post what you've used it in would be cool to see it go to use
Description : sadness
Description : Wake Up Hustle, Wake Up Hustle, Get That Money... Trap Synth...
Description : screwing around in Fl studio, if you use it send me your beats :D
Description : arp from my song panama, comment if you used it
Description : pretty simple synth, hope u like. u can do whatever u want with it
Description : i caught my girl cheating but i don't know how to confront her :( she doesn't know that i know.
Description : Atmospheric trap loop. Have fun and let me know if u use it! :)
Description : Notes Played in order: D, A#, A, D#

If you use the melody or the loop comment your track so I can hear it
Description : Thanks for listening let me hear what ou can make with this!
Description : Made using the Holy Trap Mary Nexus Expansion
Description : Made in Reason 10
Description : TRAP SYNTH
Description : .....
Description : A little bit happier. Show me what you made with it!
Description : .....
Description : link if used comment what you like what could've been better. made using the phygian scale hope I spelled that right
Description : I would love to hear what you create.
Description : Share your creations..Made in Fl Studio 12
Description : synth loop
Description : found it today and i don't know what to do with it
Description : Trap synth Metro Boomin
Loops 1 - 25 of 132
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