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Description : Stick around for more.
Hope you will like it!!

Description : (tip : first bar is in Lower octave and 2nd in higher octave)
Have fun

Description : I sampled it from the movie Called "ghost in the Shell". You can use it as you like. .

Description : You can use it as you like. Show me what u can do with it. If you like it Please give me credit.

Description : Let me know if you make something out of this!

Description : gimme ur work thx

Description : Send me ur work

Description : Using a Kora (African) and a synth pad from Kontakt 6 Library.
Has a Sausage Fattener and Multiband Compressor on master channel.

Would love to see links to beat.

Scale is C#/Db Melodic Minor.

Description : Made with sytrus and gross beat in fl studio 20

Description : Made with morphine and grossbeat
fl studio 20

Description : I wasn't able to find anything to with this, hopefully you can. Please show me what you made.

Description : trap melody with portamento,octave higher in second half, send links if its any use lol

Description : Simple Melody to use in trap or scary movies :0

Description : Just something experimental! Feel free to share your work.

Description : Enjoy it !

Description : THIS GOES HARD!

Description : Dm
From Omnisphere with a couple of tweaks.

Description : I havnt pitched this at all or half timed it.
Contact me for customs
Post your links!

Description : sounds real good with ping pong delay but is hard to post a loop with delay on it. key is b harmonic minor.
any questions about the loop or anything, please comment.
i hope everyone still reading this is having a beautiful day!

Description : some melody i made using serum,link if you use it anything or something lmao

Description : some cute bells

Description : Send me your beats

Description : loop made with NI Massive, Enjoy! Comment with your beat

Description : key is b HARMONIC minor. please enjoy and comment whatever you made with it. :] [reupload]

Description : Just a cool chord progression on piano w/ gross beat.

Loops 1 - 25 of 272
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