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Description : 808 Hard Trap Drums.
Description : Trap Drum Loop.
Description : you can't trap as hard as i can
Description : Simple Trap Drums
Description : Celebrations ...
Description : Made in FL12. Always nice to listen what you guys do with my drums.
Description : Dope piano melody. Just needs some trap drums. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Standard trap drums with some mean hi-hats.
Description : This would sound great over trap drums. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Trap or Hip-Hop? I could not decide. You decide. Enjoy! ****Heavy Bass Warning**** Turn your down speakers or headphones before previewing. Add your own hats to this! Or search this site for: hats
Description : Made in FL12. Comment your work, would appreciate it!
Description : This is a reupload of the dark trap drum loop except I've taken out the kicks and the 808 so that you can add in your own. These are my first uploads to the site, feel free to link me any songs you have made using my loop and tag me if you'd like (@lil95).Thanks!
Description : Used a Dark 808 and some effects on the high hats and snares. Let me know what you think and put any links if you used it! credit lil95(me) if you'd like to show support!
Description : If you use leave link :D
Description : If you use leave link :D
Description : I made this about 3 months ago but haven't had the patience to finish it until now.
Description : Made with fruity loops, cool hardcore horrorcore type trap drums
Description : xxxtentacion or $uicideboy$ style let me know what you did with it.
Description : you can use it for future bass, dubstep or trap stuff...
Description : very useful for freestyle productions
Description : i made these w/ my own custom drum kit on fl studio 11 w/ fpc and it builds up so you can chop the kick and snare W/ SOME REVERB AND other effects
Description : Kick, snare, hats, and a chant.
Description : Something TM88 would probably cook up. Just put some dope trap drums on them and you great to go!
Description : Please link your work down below! Thx! :)
Description : If you use leave link :D
Loops 1 - 25 of 301
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