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Description : Pretty generic trap drums, hope someone finds it useful, link me what you use it for.
Description : kick, 808, snare, clap, open hat, hat

couldnt find a use for these.
115 bpm
Description : Hope usefull
Made on flstudio12
Description : Just your everyday trap drums with a little spice. When all drums sound the same, you have to add small details to make yours stand out. Anyways, feels like something from What a Time to be Alive, Scorpion, or even just any Metro track. Let me know if you use it!
Description : default fl studio shit. sounds nice with clean trap drums
Description : without 808
Description : 115 bpm

xxxtentacion type
Description : Made in Fl-Studio 11
Description : Thats...thats are Trap drums...okay? No more...
Description : Hit me up if you need something standalone.
Description : Hit me up on SoundCloud if you need any specific part of the loop
Description : A fairly complex trap drum pattern made in FL Studio. If you use it please let me know as I am interested to hear what you can turn it into.
Description : Trap drums. Has an 808 bass kick in it. I can take it out if you want. Hope you enjoy!
Description : links please

clap 1
clap 2 / snare
open hat
Description : Travis scott type drums, trap drums
Description : bleh bleh bleh :v
Description : made these for a track but ended up not using them, but i think these drums have potential. make some bangers! 808 key: A min
Description : Please post your result if you use
Description : Please post your result if you use
Description : Links Please
Description : Hope usable. If You used this loop leave me a link.
Description : just a normal TrapDrumset
Description : link me ur beats
Description : link me ur beats
Description : link me ur beats
Loops 1 - 25 of 604
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