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Description : send me if you use this
Description : Just a very simple loop made with an 808 kick, snare, open hat and a kick! Hope this is usable!
Description : Made with Fruity Loops (FPC)
Description : Hope usable, same as my previous loop but without 808, enjoy
Description : Hope this is usable, my first loop, enjoy
Description : There are a few minor variations in each part of the loop.

Link if you used the loop
Description : yeeeeeeeeettttt
Description : 808s in first half, kick in the second half.

Description : link if u use :)
Description : Heavy Heavy Heavy
Description : This is the perc counterpart I made for my 'weird drum loop', enjoy and please comment anything you have made with this if you like
Description : sort of has that pink guy/joji vibe. Match this loop with its perc counterpart that I'll upload
Description : A darker more edgier drum loop
Description : feel free to post a link if you have used this in a song. I don't mind if you do or not but would like to hear what other people make of my S O U N D S :)
Description : dope drums for hard dark cloud trap beats
Description : Trap drum loop
Description : very good dr1m
Description : because standard trap drums are overused
Description : because standard trap drums are overused
Description : Comment what u make!
Description : Made in FL 20

Link if you used the loop
Description : Nice for whattt. Comment what you made and check out the soundcloud -H
Description : Made with my own kits on FL Studio.
Description : made on FL studio
Description : Send me your beats fam!!!
Loops 1 - 25 of 289
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