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Description : let me know if you use it :)
Description : ENJOY!
Description : First loop, hope you enjoy! feel free to send me the links with what you came up with.

PS. I replaced the old file with the new one because I realized it has been cut at the end sorry
Description : Trap drums made in fl studio
if you do something with this, please send a link to your beat.
I listen to everything!
Description : drop a link if you use it!
Description : A loop for those looking to throw in that mean Jersey Club style with some hard hitting trapstyle. Perfect for people who are more creative than me :D

Hope you enjoy and remember to show me what you made!
Description : link me if you choose to use it
Description : 140bpm
Description : appreciate it if you can send me the link to your work if you choose to use my loop. Hope it's usable :)
Description : hehehhhehehee
Description : Hard Trap Drum Loop W/ Distortion made with FL Studio
Description : Hard Trap Drum Loop made on FL Studio
Description : Link me if you use/hear it!
Description : If anyone uses this loop, please link your track so i can check it out.
Description : share if you make something
Description : :).....
Description : Simple trap drum with a wood block snare perc and punchy 808. Comment the songs you used it with, I'd love to listen.
Description : .....
Description : Trap drum loop
Description : first 4 bars no 808, 808 comes in for last 4
Description : Show me the way
Description : This 808 can sound weird but with a melody is LIT!!!
Description : Show me
Description : Using 808 kick, 808 HH, and FPC Rim.

Be sure to link anything you use this for down below!
Description : A dark trap drum loop with an 808 bass
Loops 1 - 25 of 242
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