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Description : messing around with the notes

for breakbeat techno electronic music
hope usable...

Description : Perfect for: dark trap
Dark techno
electronic music
ambient music

It was done using the jirajoshi pentatonic scale in the key of E

Description : made with fl hope usable

Description : Made with Sytrus plugin

Description : Dubstep Techno Loop From my 1st kit Trap Ballads Vol 1. TAG ME

Description : maybe for some techno idk

Description : techno loop with delay on it
send me a ling if you did anything with it thank you :).

Description : I made this Melody in October 2018
Its inspired by german rapper Capital Bra
The loop makes u wanna dance go to a party

I think Dancehall drums would fit perfectly ^^ But it could be HipHop/Trap, Techno or EDM too
The Sample sounds like Dj Snake, happy Drake beats and maybe Avicii

Description : Dark pad synth for techno, house or trance.

Description : Rollin Techno

Description : Techno arp loop

Description : I made these hard drums to go with the Chill and Energetic Arpeggio, but they can work very well without it. I'm sure you will make good things with it, drop the link to me !

Description : I created this arpeggios using a kinda chiptune synth, I think it can go very well with techno music, but can also be used in other genre of music. It can go very well with the Hard Techno Beat i made. I can't wait to hear your tracks with this loop

Description : Minimal Techno Melody

Description : Made this Loop with Firebird 2 und pitch it down a little bit.

Send your track with this loop and i will check it out ^^ Have fun with it ^^

Description : A minimalistic techno melody created with Groove Machine Synthesizer, send links of your works in comments section, appreciate!

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : Dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : Simple dance or techno beat with some cool percussion. Made in FL 12.1.2

Description : A loop for (pop,) rap and techno music: Post me a link what you made with it!
all the sounds are recorded from my drum kit on my keyboard. I don't know if there are any problems with copyright looperman?

Description : Best fit with real techno drums

Description : techno drum loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 736
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