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Description : Minimal Techno Melody

Description : Made this Loop with Firebird 2 und pitch it down a little bit.

Send your track with this loop and i will check it out ^^ Have fun with it ^^

Description : A minimalistic techno melody created with Groove Machine Synthesizer, send links of your works in comments section, appreciate!

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : Dark techno kick 130bpm

Description : Simple dance or techno beat with some cool percussion. Made in FL 12.1.2

Description : A loop for (pop,) rap and techno music: Post me a link what you made with it!
all the sounds are recorded from my drum kit on my keyboard. I don't know if there are any problems with copyright looperman?

Description : Best fit with real techno drums

Description : techno drum loop

Description : Weird ICYTWAT loop made in Nexus

Description : 909 kick drum saturated with reverb. Four on the floor. Tuned to E

Description : Lite little pad for your trap beats :)

KEY: F major


Description : 120 BPM. Was trying to make my next trap track and this came out of nowhere. Surprised me that I couldn't find any use for this techno sound. :/

Made and mixed in GMS on FL20. ENJOY IT!

Description : -These bells can go reversed or normal and sound lit and give a piece a trap sort of vibe.
-Added a bit of reverb, and added some flanger, to give it a techno-ish dreamy sort of feel to it.

Description : dark atmospheric techno kick with some percussion

Description : Techno Drums or watever

Description : Techno Bass

Description : 4 seamless bars of a hard-hitting techno-funk groove, in the style of the 1980's.

Description : Techno Drumloop made with Korg ER-1

Description : Made using 2 synthesised kicks with sidechaining.

Description : Techno/trance bass synth. Please post your track if you use it. Would love to hear it. Have fun :-)

Loops 1 - 25 of 723
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