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Description : For the Chorus
Description : Enjoy it
Description : These are classic funk chords I created using a sound that I designed myself on PoiZone. Remember to come back here and tell me how you used it, I'd be pleased :)
Description : Some boring Bass.Here u got it. pls leave a link if use this Loop. :D
Description : New slow loop synth piano!!! Good luck music friends! Good luck! FB Baroza
Description : Realized with Fl Studio 11 and Behringer UMA 25 S in F min. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Produced by Joseph .. Get INSPIRED.
Description : Trap synth for tracks that need some fire!!!
Description : Second lead synth in my song - made in Logix Pro X
Description : So #sad lol Made in Logic Pro X
Description : Synth Piano! Good luck! :) FB Baroza
Description : Electric sync 90BPM - You so beautiful. Send link if you use it :)
Description : A two bar synth loop with arpeggio over chords.
Description : I've got the project files... let me know if you wanna
Description : House Music 128
Description : If you've ever heard YG's - Bpt, then you'll understand. (It's basically the synth you hear throughout the song) came across this in Nexus. Hope you guys like it :)
Description : A synth lead of sorts. Made it semi "bright".. Then added a few tinges of melancholy to get a bittersweet touch to the overall loop. Thank you for all the support as always, guys! It means a lot. Do take care and be safe! Loop details down below! Chord Progression: Cmaj - Emaj7 - Amin - Gmaj - > Fmaj - Fmin - Cmaj - Gmaj Thanks again and have a good day, peeps! More loops to come!
Description : FL Studio. 94 bpm,D. Synth Loop - Mr Moto. Not really sure how to describe it. Reflections of a slave at work.
Description : I made this with my Computer mouse.
Description : I made this loop using u-he Diva synth.
Description : FL Studio. 84 bpm,C. Synth Loop - Dranks Having a good time with the bottle and musical friends.
Description : Made on Maschine. For some reason this loop makes me think about money lol. Hope you guys can use it.
Description : A piano laced with a humming synth. Sweetly melancholic. Like summer days long gone.. Days spent sitting by the porch with the girl next door whom you've crushed on for years. Sippin' ice cold mango shakes through colorful plastic straws. And you.. Feelin' the gale breeze through. Soft and warm to the skin. You never told her how you felt. But there was no question about it. You really loved her, didn't you? Chord Progression: Emaj - F#min - C#min - Bmaj - (continue below) F#min - Amaj - Bmaj - Amin Instruments Present: A strange synth and a brooding piano. Thank you for taking the time to read that crazy long description, my fellow Looper! I hope that this loop serves of some use to you in one way, shape, or form! Feel free to contact me if you guys need anything!
Description : This is my bloop sound. If you have like and used this loop leave some feedback and post a link to the track you made. Enjoy
Loops 1 - 25 of 6661
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