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Description : I don't know exactly how I made this loop... but I did. Basicaly it was a swing groove I played on my electronic drum kit.
Description : Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : This is a common chord progression that has been around forever but never gets old. I played it on my American Stratocaster through GuitarRig and into Ableton Live. If you like my guitar loops, feel free to make a request in the comments or message me. Thanks for listening.
Description : Groovy beat that is easy to jam to. I made it through addictive drummer. If you like my loops, check out my other's and make a request if you'd like. Thanks for listening.
Description : swing
Description : A sharp, shiny synth lead that has a bit of a bouncy swing on the end of each bar. Enjoy! | Credit to WA Production for help on the melody. | Useful for prog/electro house.
Description : Sprry not uploaded much, trying to get back into the swing of things though :)
Description : Fretless jazz bass riff suitable for many genres be aware that this loop is just over 4 bars long which gives it swing, it's what bass players do when they play in front or behind the beat.
Description : A simple kick, snare and open hihat loop. It's simple loop with some swing. A little bit of Flume style over it.
Description : A syncopated 4/4 swing slap with a distortion touch. Done thinking about jazz-rock soloists. But it can also work for a rock prog riff or bridge. Or anything weird you would like to do in fusion.
Description : Swing guitar. Chords: CMA7 Dm7/Am7 Abdim7/Am7 Em7/D7 G7#5/CMA7 Dm7/Am7 Abdim7/Am7/Dm7 G7#/5
Description : Swing guitar. Chords: CMA7 Dm7/Am7 Abdim7/Am7 Em7/D7 G7#5/CMA7 Dm7/Am7 Abdim7/Am7/Dm7 G7#/5
Description : Jazz swing guitar. Chords:Gm7/D7#9/Gm7/D7#9/Gm7/D7#9/A7/D7||
Description : last but least! part 4 of swing groove bass. Enjoy!!
Description : Part 3 of Swing groove bass,
Description : part 2 of Swing too groove bass
Description : This is 4 part bassline i created on N.I Massive, The rythum is simple but effective and sounds nice hope you guys like it and enjoy. yours!!
Description : this is main full
Description : this is the break down
Description : this parts 3 to this drum set
Description : this is part two of this drum set
Description : Hi peep here is a drum set iv put together with Ableton live 9 suite, for you to download, there is five part set starting with the intro and so on. hope this helps you with your projects. yours!!
Description : hey guys been a while was finishing up alittle album thing i was doing. should be getting back into the swing of making loops and stuff now :) Was using this in a hiphop style track so ive put the genre as hip hop but its pretty versatile hope you enjoy!
Description : 8 bars of a very brisk jazz swing groove played with brushes. Good for shredding Bebop.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a 70's funk/disco groove, with an extreme swing applied to it, giving it a bouncy, shuffling feel. Inspired by the 1977 record by Salsoul Orchestra and Loleatta Holloway, "Runaway".
Loops 1 - 25 of 177
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