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Description : oh yeah yeah

Description : Used - Omnisphere 2
Bass(Sub) - 3x Osc

Description : 8 bar loop. Used with an instance of Shredage Jupiter on Kontakt. Sounds cool if pitched up or down, so try that out if you wanna get a different sound from this loop. Could be used for a variety of Hip-Hop sub-genres

Description : Hope this is useful key is C4

Description : Goes with the bellz, xylo, reverse chords.. enjoy

Description : Drums with cymbals in triplets, with a weird "chant" type thing in the back. i just took the sub out of one of my basses and tossed it in.

Description : Melodic DRAKE type song feat Polo G. Ill upload everything in separate files as well.

Description : Just a thicc sub

Description : Mixed EDM sound with pop.
A deep thick sub bass in wide stereo sound.
Bass notes: C-Am-F-G

Description : Lofi Drum Pattern Vol 1
Effects Used : Vinyl Crackle And Reverb
Tips : Layer with any warped piano or guitar and add a sub.
BPM : 87
New loops uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm UK time (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : detuned lo-fi guitar

Used: Omnisphere (guitar),Addictive Keys (high octave notes on the background), toxic biohazard (synth,pad or sub/reese bass, i have no idea what king of sound is that)

Description : just a sub bass that i´ve made

128 BPM

enjoy :B

Description : This is the sub for the Melodic chords loop.

Description : Sub Bass W/ Uzi Arpeggio
Send me your songs as well!


Description : Made with Xfer Serum, no synth layering, just sound designed within serum

Used 2 osc with custom waveshapes,
Added a noise effect that is keytracked, added a sub in serum ,Added a 4 note arp, automated the cutoff while it plays, automated volume on each note and ended up with this sound

Description : For this, I used:

Cymatics Bangin' 808 2

Description : For this, I used:
3x Osc (Then I just messed around with it)

Description : Personally, I used this sub bass/808 to make a rap beat but it CAN be used for Future Bass, Drum And Bass, EDM, etc.

For this, I used:
3x Osc (Added 500 cents of glide to the 808)

Description : The FINAL take it back sub bass.

For this, I used:
3x Osc (Added portamento to the bass, turned the nobs to 0 and changed 3rd Smooth zigzag to the Z zigzag)

Description : ENJOY:)

Description : a sub bass instead of an 808 for these drums. show me what u do with it

Description : This one sounds a bit more like the actual sub bass from take it back.

For this, I used:
Sytrus > Presets > Bass > Sub bass

Description : Send me the songs you made XD

Description : For this, I used
Sytrus > Presets > Bass > Sub Bass 2
then I edited it

Hope this is good enough! :)

Description : Airy Vocal Synth in A minor. Layers with Sub Bass Layer 1. Also see Psychedelic Keys 1.

Loops 1 - 25 of 686
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