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Description : chopped strings n shit
Description : Made some stuff that sounded like tyler
Goes with other loops
Description : let me know if u uked this, i muted the strings with a sweatshirt string so im unique.
Description : Some hard Arab strings as organic as can be. Show me what you make. Bangers only. No spamming also

[3_3 ]
Description : strings
Description : Nice loop
Comment What you made!
Description : To hear how everything sounds together listen to the track on my page. I'd love to hear what you can up with.
Description : Strings for the loops set : "Tiny Chords"
I know this loop "alone" seems weird, but it works well with my acoustic guitar loop, check it.
Share what you do with this in comments.

Description : 2 Bar Triumph Strings YEEEE
Description : Ayy comment links
Description : Link what you do with, I'm curious.
---- Check my others "Happy Strange" loops
Description : riff 16 bar im using 2 b strings one is where high e gos and is tuned too e other is b tuned too b
Description : Sad riff on my Strat guitar. I played Emin - Dmin - Bmin - C for the low strings while playing the open G, B, E strings.
Description : Caution Lit Melodious Frequencies
Description : trippy plucky strings
Description : Melodic synth-ensemble. Chords go Bm-G-D-A. Please drop a link to your track if you use it. Would love to hear your work.
Description : A Minor Strings, i-iii-v Cadence
This loop is in the style of Tory Lanez x Wale. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. For more detail, check out our bio!
Description : Made in Reason Strings Part 2
Description : Made in Reason Strings d -f -g
Description : From My Track Hypnotized
Description : From My Track Hypnotized
Description : Enjoy!
Description : Yamaha c-40. New strings
Description : Strings Loop in E - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks
Loops 1 - 25 of 1916
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