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Description : A new spanish guitar loop. Think it works well for hiphop. Kind of inspired by Jedi Mind Tricks.

Can't remember what key I played it in:-(

Take Care and check out my stuff, PETAYAN
Description : hope useable, leave a link with your creation.

a rework from a loop from looperman, hope that's no problem.
Description : Played on a 70s Spanish Xylomatic toy
Description : 8 bars
Acoustic Spanish Guitar
Description : 6 bars
Description : Hope usable
Description : An arpeggiated mandolin plays mysteriously, deep within in a Spanish castle. 8 seamless bars. Based around the key of Amin.
Description : Old royalty free sample from probably 10 years ago chopped up in fruity slicer.
Description : Inspired by Little Feat song Spanish Moon and excellent drummer Richie Hayward. Permanent ghost notes on the snare. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : KEY: ? (maybe F-min)
TEMPO: 92bpm
A cool subsample of a Spanish Guitar Classico
Description : A melodic line in the key of E with some notes which have ornaments and staccato with a touch of Spanish character.
Description : Breakbeat Hip Hop Piano Stabs in a spanish style(I think)...maybe???
Description : 4 seamless bars of an upbeat Afro-Cuban cha-cha-cha rhythm in the classic 1950's style.

cf. a recording like Rosemary Clooney-Perez Prado's "In A Little Spanish Town" (1951)
Description : Hi, this is my very first loop using a very cheap spanish Guitar and recording it through the intern pickup and an extern microfon. It sounds to me a little spanish and oriental.

Let me now if you enjoy it and I might upload more of that stuff:-)

Take Care, PETAYAN
Description : A sort-of Spanish (apologies to any real Spanish) guitar phrase on electric guitar with reverb
Description : This is a famous, typical Spanish Chord Progression which you find in countless music tunes and interpretations. To these chords A minor, G Major, F Major, E 7 I created a melody with ornaments and Rhythmic Variations. This loop could be a good base for Improvisation for own melodies.
Description : Delayed Guitar E-C-A-G
Description : Guitar in Eb minor
Description : My guitar in G
Description : Midnight Frog was used in the track Spanish Fly I told a Fx and piano rolled it in FL 10 ran it threw riff machine and rolled the dice until I came up with Fx that sound like frogs
Description : Created by myself, John Carl.
Description : Enjoy the loop and please give credit if you use it.Thank you my friends
Description : Guitar loop reminds me of mexican/spanish styled. Named Feliz which I believe means happy in spanish.
Description : in as much as this would sound a lil synthetic, if is good when used well.
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