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Description : Used Omnisphere
Fl 12

Send me a link if you're using it. I would love to hear it.
Description : Just Space Bells Melody
Description : Just Pad Bass Deep Space Melody
Description : Just Vocal Pad Space Angel
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Spacey and airy, can be used in multiple genres
Link me your songs of you use them!
Description : pad loop
Description : A piano plays a soulful riff in an expressive space.

Implied Harmonies: G---Am/G----Am/G---G
Description : A soulful female choir sings a mournful cry in an expressive space.

Implied Harmonies: G----Cmaj7
Description : Three male voices in an expressive space do a little scat riffing in an oldschool Soul style.

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Vintage Soul Piano Comps.
Description : A choir of soul women sing a retro-style groove in an expressive space.

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Vintage Soul Piano Comps and see whatcha git.
Description : Key used is D#m
The loop was made in fl studio 12
For exclusive loops check my profile
Description : 118 bpm / keys : B
Description : yeah, there are a lot of space in this drums
Description : A male choir sings Oohs in an expressive space.

Implied harmonies: C---Dm7---F6---C
Description : would love to see what you made with this melody :) please leave a link if u can.

Made with the plugins: Sakura (Sonic Haiku Bank -> PD Deep Outer Space), Sakura (Default -> Wired Keys).
Description : A steel-string guitar plays a Baroque style percussive melody in an expressive space. 8 seamless bars.
Description : 100 BPM A minor, Randomized preset synthesized with Ogun
Description : Made with omnisphere 2
Description : Im back just let me here what you did!!! contact me if you need anything!
Description : Mike Will Made It type piano melody
drop links if used
Description : Just a set rhythm of strings in staccato and pizzicato.
Description : FL Studio. 60 bpm,Dmin. Synth Loop - Dark Space. Atmosphere Misc Piece AMP. Enjoy, Peace.
Description : Random improvised solo made for PART 1 of the RnB chords. Pretty rough, but still usable and thought y'all would enjoy. The space at the beginning of the track is intentional. Layer both parts and you'll have a banger to work with.
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm, Dmin. Piano Loop - Ep Key. Welcome to Space Land.
Loops 1 - 25 of 375
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