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Description : Sharing is caring
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Description : So spicy had me choking.

Description : Getting spicy.

Description : Reminds me of that binary piano loop I made when I first started posting here.

Description : hit my bio n check me outside

Description : Made with sytrus in FL Studio. Key is F Minor.

Description : feels like space

Description : Minimoog V + Purity

Description : Made with ElectraX VST plugin, Sounds nice edm type but I am making loops all night so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Description : This one is made of some lead preset of harmless plugin, dont like this one alot, but maybe someone out there does.

Description : WE IN SPACE NOW
Made with Nexus

Description : Sharing is caring
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Description : G harmonic minor

metro boomin nahwc vibe

hit my ig up for collabs (names in the bio)
I also used this loop on my latest beat on soundcloud. check it out if you like (also in my bio)

Description : A male chorus sings "da da da" in a huge physical space.

Description : A brass ensemble, in an expressive space, plays hushed chords.

Note: the first chord enters on BEAT 2 of each phrase.

Implied Harmonies: A---Bm7

Description : Ambient Space Piano

Description : Hope you enjoy my loops.

Description : A gentle 16th-note funk groove featuring tambourine prominent in a broad swing. Expressive space. Similar to the groove heard in the 1968 record "Am I The Same Girl?" by Barbara Acklin.

Description : A male choir, in an expressive space, sings a soulful harmony passage.

Implied Harmonies: B---C#m7---B---C#m7

Description : Space Synth KEY B

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Sharing is caring

Description : Db Major and synths

Sharing is caring
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Description : Idk if its usable, post creations in comments!

Description : Some bells in the key of Eminor at 140 bpm!
All loops are royalty free, but dont be shy to share what you make!

Description : Notes, AEFDC

Sharing is caring
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Loops 1 - 25 of 486
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