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Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,F Pad Loop - Old World As time passes I see these sorry saps of useless space being lost in the process. Empty is still something that exists. Mix n match! Happy mixin. Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm,CG. Organ Loop - Bella The fresh cold air in the morning in this forsaken place has the mind turning and lost inside memories. Mix n match. gave both upper and lower octaves in one loop to save upload space. Cut in half and choose your fate...Fight! haha, mybad Mortal Kombat.
Description : Genuine. All genres
Description : Simple but effective! Key of Eb minor Chords: Eb minor 9-c# minor 9
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm. Synth Loop - Space Life. Mix n Match as youd like.
Description : Pad from a old demo. I hope you like it. Share your creations.
Description : This loop is played but I did some crazy things with the original groove. Please load this loop only if you are in vacation on Mars.
Description : Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Added some percussions and effects on this one.
Description : Vast space of mindless wandering and discovery of lost secrets of time and universe. Created at 100 bpm in FL Studio with mixed plugins.
Description : Is that you John Wayne (LF)
Description : you can really feel the space tech in this one! Leave comments with links to your work please.Bless Up
Description : E Minor (LF)
Description : E Minor (LF)
Description : Low, space bass with range.
Description : A combination of Sitar and Guitar Chords for accompaniment. In addition I included a base line with some basic Chord notes to get a soft background with a Sound called "Space Voice". But this sound is used very quiet and soft. The melody is varied and contains syncopation Rhythm. The mood is a kind of Bollywood feeling.
Description : Piano loop made in Garageband! Added reverb to space it out a bit. Chords are Cm, Fm, Bb, Eb. Let me know what you use it in!
Description : Pad loop created at 79.0 bpm, Dm in FL Studio. Space of thoughts and answers. Build the device and it will help you survive.
Description : Gladiator Pad G5 Root Note
Description : vibes
Description : Arp Bass Pad loop created in FL Studio at 104 bpm,Dm. Views on this far out space station in sector II. Hasnt been accessed for some time now, a specials unit was sent to gather some information about a missing substance, no word from the specials unit and it has been several months. Infiltrate and locate lost unit and recover the package.
Description : Pad loop TOL created in FL Studio at 90 bpm D. Space filler for your productions. Peace.
Description : Sometimes you just need a good House melody or synth. Here ya go! House loops fused with Trance or Tr + ouse = Trouse.
Description : just messing with spacepad preset in fruityDX10. use a whole tone scale. also use drummax
Description : Dede Synth Loop Created in FL Studio at 140 BPM,D. Weird type of space filler sound. Could be of use, try it out! Peace.
Description : Stairs to space
Loops 1 - 25 of 328
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