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Description : A lone folk guitar plays an expressive progression, at slow-ish tempo, in a particularly resonant space.

Implied Harmonies: G#----C#----D#----C#--D#

Description : I dont know but share what you make with it.

Description : Some Bell/Key Loop I made using Omnisphere. Please comment the music you made using my loop :)

Description : This is made in a single synth patch, no layering

This was possible to make by using reaktor 6

Could be used for a game, for a song intro, Youtube, Short Movie, etc.

Description : The sacale is D#
Hope you like it

Description : Looped - SPACE COUPE

Description : Messing around with Morphine lol
Please share ur projects!

Description : C MINOR YAS. Include your creations in comment section.

Description : Simple synth melody. Got a real "In space" type of vibe. Hope it is useful to someone. Let me hear what you done with it.

Description : A string ensemble, in an expressive space, plays a sopranissmo passage.

Description : SampleCrate Space Flute Loop - Skr Skr

Description : Meek Mill x Drake Going Bad Type Melody
Created with : Old Time Space in Alchemey
Effects used : Half Time, Izotope Vinyl and a vinyl crackle
For the midi and vinyl crackle just message me on Ig or via my email which you can find on my profile by clicking on my picture : )
Key : C Minor
BPM : 172
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : cool synth, sad @ night
link work

Description : Made with some custom Omnisphere banks

Description : Let me know if you do something with this loop ! :)

Description : Spacey bright pad in the key of A

let me know what you make with it

Description : lead and a synth. nothing else.

Description : Sorry for not knowing the key... the notes are C, A, E, E, G, A, with delay on it. If you use it drop them links below

Description : Check the profile for more
Sharing is caring

Description : Dreamy melodic type loop made in Logic Pro X. Leave a comment if you use the loop and hmu for more custom loops.

Description : Soulful chords played on a grand piano in an expressive space.

Implied Harmonies: C---Em7--Fmaj7---G13

Description : 8 seamless bars of a brisk 16th-note riff played on hand percussion in an expressive space.

Description : Sharing is caring
Click the profile for more

Description : So spicy had me choking.

Description : Getting spicy.

Loops 1 - 25 of 509
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