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Description : Hola mis buenos amigos! - (Hello my good friends!) Welcome to a new Latin and Spanish loop set I call: Es Caliente Vol2 - (It Is Hot Volume Two). The work in this loop set represents over one month of work. This loop set was quite difficult to make because I made every effort to keep a Latín y Español sound as much as possible. ¡Comentarios en Español son Bienvenidos! ¡Muchas gracias!
Description : 80 bpm Dmin FL Studio Strings Loop Hello Cello. Breakdown/Solo movement
Description : My solo in Am key, nylon string
Description : HD PREMIUM LOOP PACK LIVE! ATTN: This will be my last pack until winter 2017 (northern hemisphere) at my earliest return to loop production. I got kids and they are going back to school! :-) Enjoy all 15 100% royalty free loops for any of your songs, personal or commercial. Yes, you can sell songs based off of these loops and keep all of what you make. All of my loops will remain up but no new ones after this one for a while. Thank You for your patronage and support! Joe.
Description : Something like Room to moove ? Jonny Winter style ?
Description : 100 bpm Cm Pad Loop Trippy Choir. Good for background atmosphere, or solo section leading to transitions. Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : I present to you my hardest work. Hope you like it. 16 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : I made this with my PC mouse LoL. Check out my Social Networks. This sound is for FREE.
Description : Rhythmic accompaniment for Dan solo in a jazz-shuffle track of mine. A drop of chorus. Chords: GMa7/GMa7/Em/Em7/CMa7/Am7/F9/Am7 D7b9/
Description : Dan solo for a jazz-shuffle track of mine. Chords: GMa7/GMa7/Em/Em7/CMa7/Am7/F9/Am7 D7b9/
Description : Made with: Ivy Audio - Clare Solo v.2
Description : viola solo softwaresampler no really finish
Description : viola solo softwaresampler
Description : viola solo
Description : piano melody from vst "mini grand"
Description : I made this with my beautiful Impulse 49.
Description : I love it so much. I made it with my Impulse 49. Let me know if you like it too.
Description : I love it so much. I made it with my Impulse 49. Let me know if you like it too.
Description : I made this with my Impluse 49. I hope you like it. Check my Social networks.
Description : I amde this with my Impulse 49.
Description : I made this with my Impulse 49. Insta, Soundcloud/ Yilayer
Description : Extract from Dan' solo in my jazz-blues track "The usual rendez vous". Dm key
Description : Made with Computer Mouse
Description : I just liked the sound of it, even though it's way different from all the other loops I've made in the past before.
Description : This nice little solo can also be cutted in to some smaller partitions of fill and groove. Just have fun with it! (and motivate me with Your feedback about it ;-)
Loops 1 - 25 of 528
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