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Description : Ask you shall receive.... On some things.
Description : the best beat made with this loop will be posted on my soundcloud & youtube with Art Cover and presented as a collab beat with promotion

A#5 D6 E6 F6 A6 E6 D6 C6 D6 E6 F6 A6 D7 E6 D6A5
D4 G5 D5 D6
B3 F5 D5
Description : A snippet of a guitar solo - Please let me know if you use it - Thanks
Description : Solo riff
Description : Simple ac guitar solo for 6/8, 105/210 bpm
Description : Digital Piano keys made with Massive with a little compression.
leave a link in case used
Description : Fast swing bop solo played with my Tele. Chords: Cm7 Fm7 Cm7 (Fm7 Gm7 Abm7 G7
Cm9 Cm9)
Description : Rocky Solo Riff
Description : Rocky Solo Riff
Description : show me ur make my dudes :D
foot lettuce?
Description : Just an extra pattern I made with nexus when I was making another song. If you make something with this in it, I'd love to hear it! Enjoy! Progression on the top note is A#, D, C, G/G#
Description : more flutes why not
Description : 8 seamless bars of a plaintive solo whistle.
Description : 4 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Made in FL12
Idk the key cuz Im ass at music theory, I used the keys: C,D,G,A,B
Description : Sitar Loop ( Solo ) in dastgah "Avaz Isfehan".Yeah,I'm a loser because she wanted lose me,and loses now.
Description : This is a loop of a rather simple guitar solo recorded with my 7-string guitar. A random improvisation. If you find this sample usefull in anyway, please share your work with me. I'd appreciate that.
Description : Random improvised solo made for PART 1 of the RnB chords. Pretty rough, but still usable and thought y'all would enjoy. The space at the beginning of the track is intentional. Layer both parts and you'll have a banger to work with.
Description : some pads for u guys
Description : Sitar loop (solo) in dastgah "Nava" ( Re minor).Special loop.enjoy
Description : Sitar loop ( solo ) in dastgah "Nava".( dastgah is a musical modalsystem in traditional Persian art music ).I have so much energy to help you because E=Mc^2 :)
Description : another sitar loop ( solo ).yeah,sitar is my god.
Description : Hola mis buenos amigos! - (Hello my good friends!) Welcome to a new Latin and Spanish loop set I call: Es Caliente Vol2 - (It Is Hot Volume Two). The work in this loop set represents over one month of work. This loop set was quite difficult to make because I made every effort to keep a Latín y Español sound as much as possible. ¡Comentarios en Español son Bienvenidos! ¡Muchas gracias!
Description : HD PREMIUM LOOP PACK LIVE! ATTN: This will be my last pack until winter 2017 (northern hemisphere) at my earliest return to loop production. I got kids and they are going back to school! :-) Enjoy all 15 100% royalty free loops for any of your songs, personal or commercial. Yes, you can sell songs based off of these loops and keep all of what you make. All of my loops will remain up but no new ones after this one for a while. Thank You for your patronage and support! Joe.
Description : Something like Room to moove ? Jonny Winter style ?
Loops 1 - 25 of 546
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