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Description : Distorted guitar solo with Guitar Rig FX

Description : more music on my IG
bells loop
Shevannai vst ( beautiful solo vocal)

Description : Solo . I always said I love Deep Purple.
I really like this website so I created 222 loops for that and for you, Since september of 2015 ( when I was 16 years old ) until now.

Description : guitar solo
comment you work

Description : obviously im not even close to playing as well as nate smith, he's from another planet. seriously, his latest album is a series of solo grooves on the drums, and all of his previous albums are fire as well, definitely go check nate smith out

Description : Story time I guess.

When I was making this (Only had the piano at the time), my little brother came in and said it was trash. I was like, 'Not like you can do better.'

5mins later we came up with this.

Made in Kontakt. String chords played by my brother, solo cello played by me.

Hope y'all like

Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.

Description : Been a while since I uploaded something..

This is a violin loop played by me (the chords, I'm learning to play) and a friend of mine (the solo melody). added a pad for texture. Not sure how much use one can get out of this, but if you use, lemme hear it!

For customs, collabs, ect, message me!

Description : If you make something with this, drop a link in the comments homies

Description : Solo ,

Description : Yeah? Solo

Description : A nice, slow guitar solo played over some peaceful uke.
Key of C. Show me what you make :)

Description : Guitar solo

Description : Soft solo guitar, can use it with C minor, blues find of, or E +flat

Description : is a solo version

Description : idonwannaletchudown

Description : Slow, deep & graceful

Description : Ambient/Atmospheric Pad Loop, Mix n Match, Use as needed for background ambiance or filler spaces. Good solo moment feel too. Welcome to the "Winter Storm"

Chords Used - C#Maj7, CMaj13, D13, FMaj

Description : Hope usable! If you want to cooperate, contact me.


Description : This is the Cymbals only part of it for mixing separated.

Description : This is the solo Kickdrum for Your own mix.
So You can edit in Your DAW with the "All Drums".
Take a look to the rest of this set too.

Description : This is the solo of the drumloop to mix it by Your own wish with the rest.

Description : A riff I made with the plugin Omnisphere

Description : A riff I made with the plugin Omnisphere

Loops 1 - 25 of 599
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