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Description : Mellow Chords with Melody

If you end up using this loop please comment the link below so I can check it out.
Description : made with Ogun in FL Studio 12.
Description : Some soft, maybe R&B/rap type drums. Was inspired by Again by Fetty Wap to make these drums. Let me know if you use them!
Description : Made using Expand!2 (Fl Studio)
Sounds: Strings (Soft Harp+)

Leave a comment to a link to your work.
Description : Made by KUUDA - REMINDER

Vocals edited, Soft Piano

House Type Sample
Description : Seamless looping! Rock-a-bye, baby. If you could drop a link if you make something with this, that would be awesome!
I made this at like 2 am
Fun fact: this is all just simple MIDI, using Soft Piano from Spitfire Labs (it's free!).
Description : Soft Sad Strong
Description : Made in FL Studio 20
Description : Made in FL Studio 12
Description : Enjoy ^^
Description : Issa piano loop again. Leave a comment if used
Description : Now it's just the snares and kicks!
Leave a link if you use!
Description : The same thing just without the Cymbal!
Please leave a link if you use.
Description : The same thing but without the hats!
Leave a link down below if you use!
Description : If you use please leave a link so I can check it out!
Description : leave links if used:
if you're interested in my loop pack, please see bio. Thanx!
Description : Mark I piano in scale minor. Chord progression: Am-C-F-Em. If you use it in a song, i'd love to hear it.
Description : nexus grandpiano soft
key is supposedly dm
comment what you made
Description : PLs link of your work in the description
Description : msg me for exclusive loops
Description : Realized with Fl Studio. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Mellow, soft, Lofi keys
Post links to any beat using this
Description : Soft Grand
Description : Made with Alchemy.
Description : A soft and smooth chord progression in G#/Ab minor. Played on my own tuning of a synth pad plugin.
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.
Loops 1 - 25 of 405
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