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Description : read the title

Description : hmu for collab ;)

Description : For a beat I ended up not making.

I added a tad bit of EQ to the kick and snare to give it a more hollow sound.

Description : Peep the snare lol. 150 bpm made in FL 12. Link to work please.

Description : Might as well add the drums:) goes with the other loops I just posted. Let me hear your creations! Enjoy

Description : Trap hi-hat, open hat, and snare loop. Strategic pitch shifts and layering of sounds for a imperceptible uniqueness. Please link your work below. Download for best quality.

Description : Kick, Snare, Hats,

Description : kick, Snare, hats.. Send links if you'd like, I'll listen. Create and have fun!

Description : Kick, snare, hi hat and open hat, boom bap (boombap) style.

Show me what you made with it!

Description : Very basic trap loop. 160 BPM & made in FL 12.

Description : produce by mef beats in fl studio 20

Description : some gud 808's and typical snare,perc,hi hat and kick patterns

Description : 808-Southside(MZ)

Description : Please link song so I can hear it!

Description : 808-Not giving you guys this one sorry :)
Kick- Uno (MZ 2019)
Open Hat- HHOPEN (MZ 2019)
Snare- Mastered zSnare (PBS)

Description : 808- Harmonic (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Clap- Rico (Murda Drum Kit)
Hat- XO (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Open Hat- Socal (OKC Drum Kit)
Snare- Mastered zSnare (Polo Boy Shawty Kit)
Kick- Pop (MZ Drum Kit 2019)

Description : I was just messing around on fl tudio and made this and though that it sounded good

Description : 808- Magnolia (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Kick- Uno (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Hat- XO (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Open Hat- HHOP XO (OKC Drum Kit)
Clap- 6ixty (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare 1- Messy (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare 2- Mastered zSnare (Polo Boy Shawty Kit)

Description : "Iconic" - logic drums. With an OG snare!

send links

Description : It's a drum loop comprised of a kick, snare, and a bunch of Foley sounds.

Description : Clap- ATL (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare- Moon (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Open Hat- Diamonds (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
808- Humm (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Kick- FaceTime (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Hat- XO (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Ride- Copy (MZ Drum Kit 2019)

Description : Dubstep Drum Loop but w/o cymbals, only kick and snare :)

Description : LMK what you make!

Description : goes with vanilla sky
higly inspired by Logic's "Supermarket" soundtrack

Description : Im attempting to make my own drums for old school hiphop/lofi stuff since none of the kits I've come across are either trash, or too 'lofi' for my weird preferences.

this loop was constructed from various drums from sample breaks, and the Snare Jordan kits.

Use if you like, links what you make, yo!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1485
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