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Description : Drums off of a beat i just made. Put this over some hype melody and you got a banger.
Basic 808s, hard kick, open hi hats, and three different hi-hat sounds. There's a snare stutter at the end of the eigth bar.

Description : Combines a simple snare roll and a riser.

Description : A drum loop with a nice 808 and a kick and a snare and all the other usual stuff.

Description : trap loop with 808,clap,snare,hats and kick

Description : Been years since I've uploaded so i'll try to upload when i get a chance. Heres something to put in the stash or play around with.

Description : cool feel

Description : I will use this in one of my beats. Comment down your tracks in the comment section! Hope you enjoy!

Description : This is just a random snare loop I made when I wanted one but there was not a good one on looperman.

It can be used for any genre from trap to edm

Description : its part of a track that I never put out

Description : Something nice I came up with playing with sounds. Decided Ill upload. Be creative, dont link me nothing if your just going to just loop this sample for 4 minutes straight and add an off beat kick and snare and call it a beat. Add some more melodies, combine some of my loops, and link me some heat in the comments.
[x_x ]

Description : 808s , drums, hi hats , kicks, snare rolls


Description : Same as Awake Snare Roll but with a build up before.

Description : Kick snare hi hats bass drum.

Description : Punchy kick, cliche snare, and hi-hats with some Fruity Reverb. Increased Mid-Frequencies for 808s in EQ.
My first loop with FL Studio.

Description : Nice simple kick and snare for the previous lo- fi loop I added
-Share what you make!

Description : This massive loops is a combination of lofi kick, hats,snare, bit crusher,cymbals and clap.

Description : A Trey Songs type of made with the combination of hard kick, massacre bass, snare,hats and crashes.

Description : This is the most complex trap beat I've ever made it includes:

Crow SFX
Beep SFX
Closed Hi-Hats
Open Hi-Hats
A PHAT 808
"Aye" Chant
Crowd Chant

Description : Use this to create tension and energy before your drops.

Description : This is the solo of the drumloop to mix it by Your own wish with the rest.

Description : Snare pattern from the bankroll instrumental.

Description : some simple chill almost lofi-ish drums.Snare is in D#.

enjoy :D

Description : Just send me the Song you made XD

Description : Also part of my old Awake project that didn't end up too well. Enjoy.

Description : Description : Tay Keith x Drake Drums w/o Sub (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats)

Drake - Nonstop


Loops 1 - 25 of 1358
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