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Description : yeet yeet

Description : For a upbeat track. Drop a link of what you make with it if you want.

Description : A snare loop I made for y'all. This is for the boom bap/old school guys. Drop a link of what you make with it if you want.

Description : Fatass 808's w/ vox, perc, snare, and fine tuned hats

Description : send the song you made :D

Description : if you are wondering whats the instrument. its literally a snare that has been pitched up a lot and then made into this. dont ask me why i did it

Description : Some beat box with a clap over the snare

Description : A steady Kick, HiHat, and Snare in a 2 Bar Loop

Description : This is the breakdown of my drum loop Dwights Beat Farm Full, This is Snare Drum. This is 6 of 8 separate loops to make up the full beat. High tight SD with rolls

Description : kick snare

Description : kick snare

Description : kick snare

Description : Joji type percussion element with a chopped up bass and effected rim hit. Please comment here with links to what you create!

Description : A lot of kick and a lot of hi-hat, just a sprinkle of snare - recorded on real drums

Description : Was originally used for a kinda trapmetal beat but I'm way too impatient to finish that crap.
has snare, clap, 808,some random thingy

Description : Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Just a little bit of Riddim style drums for you guys with layered clap/snare and some chants, comment what you made with this. I'd love to hear them.

Description : Sounds are from the Nick Mira "Contra" drumkit:
Baands 808
Eighty Clap
Sameold HH
OsmosisJones Kick
Paint Snare

Description : I made a kinda simple trap beat and use dblue crusher to give it a chiptune kind of feel
The first part is kick/snare/hats, the second part is with the crash

Description : Hey, guess what? Another Ramzoid snare with pitch that I turned into a pad, lmao.
1st half (chords) 2nd half (chords+melody)
KEY: C Major or A Minor
D7 - Em7 - E7 - A7 - A7 - Gm7
D7 - Em7 - E7 - C7 - Gm7
(E7 & Gm7 are chromatic chords)


Description : Chill deep kicks, hi tight snappy snare, a lot of intricate Closed HH work with 4 diff HH, echo snaps, panning open hats, and other percussion..

Description : VIBE is pretty chill deep vibe, almost thuggish I kind of feel like.
With super deep kick on the 1 beat and not as deep, but still deep 808 kick with 3 different Closed HH. there is closed 909 HH, w slight band pass, slightly dark then right after is a closed HH that is bright and fast then after the 3 count There is a closed HH that are thick and dark w BP filter, a HH rev FX, 808 rimshot, semi saturated snare, other sprinkled in percussion and FXs, Slight compression

Description : HipHop-Fusion-ish Vibe. Thick with percussion. Triangle, snare With snares off FX every third bar or somewhere around there, 808 Rimshot, tight thick snare(not deep SD but thick), background SD rolls & flams, thick kick, it’s 69bpm but definitely has a faster feel and vibe, not chill.. this beat will pick up the pace on instrumentation at and around 69bpm. Hope it’s alright.. thanks

Description : Chill HipHop Drums with a band pass filter in intro and on most percussion, except on Kick, SD & HH. Deep Kick, 808 HH, Tight Snappy Snare, SD Roll FX panning, 4 different HH, 3 of then have BP Filter, a low key Rev swells into the SD on the 2 & 4 beat.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1313
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