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Description : C minor Loop- be sure to link me what you come up with!
Description : Made in FL 12 DEMO
Drop Links
Description : Hope usable
Description : Smooth drums that were used in my latest track.
i f you make something out of this, comment it!
Description : A Smooth loop i made with some vengeance samples and ableton.
If you end up using it let me know. its pretty much all in triplets too.
Description : Smooth
Description : High Plucks with a smooth piano to give it a vibrant sounding.
Tweak and turn to your preference and leave a link to your creation if possible.
Description : Made in FL Studio 12
Description : made on fls
Description : Smooth
Description : smooth legend trap loop, made on fl studio

show me ya beats
Description : A simple chord progression with a smooth synth.
(Please show me what you made out of it:))
Description : 95bpm,D. Harp Loop. Smooth Op. fine liquid and dank herb. Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : This is I was just messing around and it kinda sounds cool. If you use this feel free to post your music I would be more then happy to listen to it. :)
Description : smooth ambient piano
Description : Smooth
Description : Little pep but smooth -- Am, G

*for custom loops please contact
Description : Enjoy
Description : Nice Rnb/smooth jazz ballad complete with chords and improv. Made in FL with RoomMachine reverb plugin, Izotope Vinyl plugin, and tape saturation.
Description : Calm kinda somber piano chords made in FL Studio. Used RoomMachine reverb plugin and tape saturation. If you use this, feel free to put a link to your project, Id love to hear!
Description : the key is c major.
Description : Here is a basic sound you often need for Psytrance and other EDM genres: 8 bars of a backwards crash cymbal, used for ending sections of your song. The actual audible noise here happens over the last 5 bars (hence my need to make this an 8-bar Loop). You may wish to cut off that final little "crunchy" at the end to get a smooth sound.
Description : Spice up your disco track with a little fretless fender bass riff - please contact me if you want me to play any further parts on your recording. have fun!
Description : Dreaming Smooth Hip Hop Keys 142 Emaj
Description : Made This loop Using FL studio. Your Free to use this melody without giving any credit. Give the link of the result in the description.
Loops 1 - 25 of 362
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