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Description : 8 seamless bars. Three acoustic guitars, in a lushly reverberant space, strum gentle chords at a slow tempo. Implied harmonies: G#min11------D#7sus4
Description : This loop is the slow, classy, chill type piano loop that i could imagine russ using in a song.
Description : Slow dance
Description : 70 bpm C# Strings Loop - Slow Tremor - FL Studio - Film Music - Invoking piece.
Description : chopped
Description : Leave a comment if you want me the change the sound for you or if you use this loop as i would love to hear peoples creations!
Description : A grand piano is making all these sounds. 8 seamless bars of a slow, moody piano passage, with Glitch FX added. Harmonies center around the chords of F#min9---Gmaj9
Description : Four bars of a female choir singing slow chords in a big cathedral. Implied harmonies: D--A--Bm--G--D/A--A--Bm
Description : 4 bars at a slow tempo of gentle folk guitar strums.
Description : 80 bpm Dm Guitar Loop Destroy The Lies. Mix n Match as needed. Slow but steady. Something for the fans to enjoy. Just gotta let it go you know.
Description : slow vibes
Description : A slow guitar loop in A minor, 60 BPM. If you use this, let me know, I'd like to hear what you made with this
Description : 8 seamless bars of a slow, gentle arpeggiated progression fingered on a steel-string guitar... with loads of trippy FX added.
Description : Post what you did with this in the comments with a link.
Description : 120 bpm Dmin Piano Loop You and I Mix n Match as needed. Works great for slow down one on one moments with your special someone. FL Studio
Description : 4 seamless bars of a slow, arpeggiated gospel/soul riff on piano, in a 12/8 feel, with plenty of church-y reverb. Implied Harmonies: C----F-G-----F
Description : Eight seamless bars. Slow chords played on the Fender-Rhodes electric piano, but given some FX for a trippy-yet-soothing effect. (A slow funk groove seems to underpin the chords.) Implied harmonies: Fmaj9--Abmaj9---Fmaj9---Dbmaj9
Description : Simple beat for a slow song. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : Made using Apple MIDI, FL Studio and Audacity. Maybe this can go with a slow hip hop beat.
Description : slow hip hop 01
Description : A medium-sized SATB choir sings an "Oooh" progression in a resonant room. Implied harmonies: Cm---Ab---Eb----Bb
Description : I used some Trap drum hits to make this drum. Closed Hat 4/4, Kick 2/4 and some Claps
Description : slow hop
Description : Slow attack sustained lo-passed saw notes with random rhythmic marimba resonance. Made using Ableton's Operator and Corpus devices. Named "Solar" because it reminds me of some of Solar Field's sounds from the Mirror's Edge soundtrack.
Description : FX loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 634
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