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Description : made with nexus in fl12. 1st half with half speed 2nd half with slow tripplet. Hmu w/ a link if used
Description : Some slow trap melodie, pads and keys

Bm - Em

happy beatmaking
Description : Slow triple, and half speed on gross beat.

msg me if or when you use it, would like to it*hear!
Description : Weird creepy loop i created with FL Studio 12. Threw gross beat on it for that slow pitch, parametric EQ, and pitcher effect.
Description : Type:Bell/Mallet - Key:G Minor - BPM:140

If you use this loop in any of your productions, please share them with us in the comments below! To contact us please visit our website in the 'About Me' section of our profile!
Description : free use, no problem, more publish your work, pls!

daw: Fruit Loops
vst: General
Description : Un petit rythme tranquillou
Description : The DD WP with reduced BPM. Fits any genre.
Description : A dreamy synth patch plays slow, swooshing, spacey chords. 8 seamless bars.

Implied Harmonies: Gm7---C6
Description : Slow dark piano, please show result if you use
Description : Just a 4 bar of fast guitar that can easily get grossbeat/halftime out!

Look up to my profile to see the beat I already made with this loop.

SEND ME YOUR BEATS TO beelowprod(AT) TO BE SHOWN AS EXEMPLE !! (on my page!)
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Use it for free.
Description : 8 bars of a Violin playing a slow song; original by oldrockandroller.
It's in C minor (3 flats)
Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : A slow chill dark trap beat with an 808 and some percs. Enjoy!
Description : Made in FL studio,, my first loop upload :) hope its useful.
Description : Bass & Basic. Slow boogie.
Description : I played this with nexus in fl studio
and i turned off all effects and plugins so you guys can add your own stuff to it
you can use this to make slow emo trap beats.
PLEASE, let me know if you made something with it.
Description : A boom bap type sample. Slow but worth it.
F# E D.
Accent at the end of the D is a High F# note and a quick D note.
Description : A slow played violin.
Made with MMM 2014.
Description : MSG me for exclusive loops
Description : post links below
Description : Slow Bells played t about 1/3 beat. Smooth Vibez
C Minor (LORIAN)

Would Love feedback and as usual I would love to hear your work posted here.
Loops 1 - 25 of 709
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