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Description : these are from an old project, enjoy using it. if you put 2x2 hi-hats on them it'll add some bounce.

Description : A lone folk guitar plays an expressive progression, at slow-ish tempo, in a particularly resonant space.

Implied Harmonies: G#----C#----D#----C#--D#

Description : Idk ...

Send me your work!

Description : Slow muted saw synth chords.

Implied Harmonies: Ebmaj7----Dbmj7

Description : slower than usual

Description : comment if u made track

Description : made with Akai LPK 25 with General Piano VST

Description : hmu if u use this

Description : Not a "Sample" per say,more of a choir.Made it in Nexus 2 ,but pitch it down and slow it sounds dope!

Description : A synth patch creates a sensual slow ocean wave effect.

Implied Harmonies: G#/A#---------A#2/C

Description : Descrição: Doses de Melodias '
Feito com o Purity.
- Gostaria de ver o que você fez com o loop, se você puder e quiser me mostrar, agradeço.
Faça bom uso!

Description : Just a chill Drum Loop I made.

If you use this loop please comment a link to your beat I'd love to hear it!

Description : Sad, slow drums. Perfect for when you're crying in the key of C minor!

Send me what you make :)

Shoutout Nick Mira, these drums are all of his kits

Description : slow and shitty drums

Description : Nice drum loop with 808
Leave a comment if used

Description : A more recent drumloop I made for a small track. Kinda too slow to be DnB but, its pretty much that. Might work sped up. Feel free to link me anything you use it in!

Description : 8 seamless bars of an angelic choir singing slow chords.

Description : Frum my Lil peep type beat

Description : Progression is D, C.
For custom loops check my looperman profile.

Description : Feels a little slow for Tory Lanez, but it's a nice RnB/Trap drum loop. Let me know if you used this loop!

Description : 8 seamless bars of a slow progression, on an analogue synth set to an 80's style horn patch. Lots of sub-bass added!

Implied Harmonies: Amaj7---A/B---G#m7---C#m

Description : 8 seamless bars of a slow groove played on a Fender-Rhodes piano. Rich bass frequencies!

Implied Harmonies: Gmaj9---Cmaj9---Bm7---Em7

Description : A steel-string guitar, with rich resonance, plays some gentle, slow arpeggiations.

Implied Harmonies: E---B---Asus2

Description : I actually wanted to make something happy for a slow beat, but it kinda transformed into something more creepy bell thingery.

Description : A bit slow and sad.

Loops 1 - 25 of 780
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