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Description : Heavier Rusko type wobble bass with some Skrillex style talking bass wobble mixed in. Part 3 of my Rusko Style set.

If you use this in a track you should give me the link, I'm curious to see how people use this one.

Description : A Bass drop, works with 140 Drums, (there shouldn't be any lack of those on looperman). Key of C. Drop it with some heavy drums and you get some skrillex style drops. If you use it in a tune, be sure to send me a link.

Description : Here. Cut out the pieces you want for yourself

Description : Very sexy wobble's, skrillex like bass, voice part, 3 separate wobbles. Love it OH the tempo is 110 because i have been kind of using it for a Moombahton project, if you need it at a pace of 140 let me know, tho it won't sound as good.

Description : Another drum loop that i have made ! Enjoy

Description : this is just the kick and snare for the drum loop i have uploaded , I put this up so you people can use the hard kick and snare so you can expand of it yourself ! Enjoy !!

Description : Just a new drum loop im progressing on with a really hard snare !! PLEASE IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY ALTERATIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK !!

Description : Something i just pieced together with added help to make a drop for you guys !

Description : So more people have asked to put a drum loop with FX just put it with a synth and it will combine very nicely ! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE AND LET ME KNOW LINK IS IN MY PROFILE :D Enjoy !!!

Description : People are asking me to make some more drum loops from may facebook fanpage , If you want any questions about production or requests please go to my facebook page and like if you would like FX with it LET ME KNOW ! The link for my fanpage is in my profile :D Enjoy !

Description : Be warned, this IS at a tempo of can slow it down if you like. Its a Skrillex like short brostep talking...thing..

Description : so i few people e-mailed me asking the drum loop to be with fx , Well here you go ! if you like my loops or wish to contact me aboutany questions in music please like skipys facebook page ( link in my profile ) because this really does help me out alot ! Thank you all for the support plenty more coming soon with the filthiest bass yet !!

Description : Just a re upload of a heavier skrillex growl !

Description : Just a basic drum loop , If you guys want some FX with it , Let me know and i will upload it !!

Description : This lead was made on massive , There will be patches uploaded soon ! Along with heavier growl basses and darker dubstep synths!!!

Description : Ok this is just a test ! Ive got some heavier filthier growls ! If i get good reviews and enough downloads , I WILL Upload more This is only 1 bar long ! But its can still pack a punch for drops !!

I had a request to up load that drum beat without the hats. The dude actually said bells? So i can only assume he meants the hats because all it is, is a kick, snare and hats.

Description : Similar to the other one but with a bit of a different snare, the snare may be to loud.
Also a changed beat a bit

Description : He use's something like this in a lot of his songs. A basic Bass-snare-bass-snare.
The main problem was figuring out how to my the snare and hats sound like they do.

Tempo is 140, enjoy

Description : I made a bass that sounds something like Skrillex makes in his songs. Made it on Massive. If you will use it write "feat. BlaqPain" in song name so i can find it. I really want to listen all the wo

Description : Ya Ya Bass in FL Studio 10 with NI Massive

Description : Loop made with custom drum sounds in FL Studio 10

Description : Bass drop inspired by Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites made in FL Studio with NI Massive

Description : Skrillex inspired wobble made in FL Studio 10 with NI Massive and other VSTs

Description : The Sound Everyones Looking For

Loops 176 - 200 of 205
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