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Description : MONSTAS

Description : I know a lot about sound design lol.

Description : i made this in Massive. it's 160 bpm. this sound is good for dubstep and drumstep or dnb

Description : Was originally gonna do a remix of "Fuck That" (Skrillex) with 15ludwicke but we're too busy these days. I got as far as recreating the main bongo/pipe/bass thing so use it as you please. (key is Db)

Description : i made this with Massive

Description : Just digging through my old samples. I believe I used NI massive and lots of compression

Description : Dubstep drum beat. Very Skrillex like, if I do say so myself. Made with MIDI on Ableton.

Description : Well, I don't produce dubstep but I have a bunch of these loops like this!

(Apologies if the loop isn't the best quality, I'm still half deaf from seeing Skrillex last night.)

Description : Pls Show SUPPORT!

Description : A little drum beat like what skrillex makes. Please leave a link to your project if you used this. Thanks :)

Description : this is my first attempt at making the NRG synth/lead.

Description : because the first one was so popular, I decided to make another one!!! Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!

Description : Another Skrillex-Style Drum loop, this time with a more sophisticated shuffle. Made on MIDI in Abelton.

If you guys want the kick and snare separate, let us know.

Description : An awesome chill arpeggio for dubstep(or chillout). Try it with our "Skrillex Drums" loop and layer with a sub. Also sounds great pitched up.It has been perfectly mastered. This was made with Abelton's operator, with some additional effects.

Description : Made this one in drum rack in Abelton, sounds extremely close to skrillex's classic shuffle. Plus, it is huge. Enjoy!

Description : Made in Fl Studio.

Description : this is a reupload as well, had to delete because looperman said this wasn't my work but it IS my work. well, hope you enjoy, comment your work feedback requests and blabla..have a nice day :)

Description : my remake of zomboy's song terror squad, which he stole from skrillex. but that's besides the point!! i hope you like it and if you use it for anything let me know!

Description : As requested by rocklobster123, a Ruffneck style drop. It's far from perfect but hey - I'm not Skrillex!

Description : Just a set of chords somewhat inspired by Skrillex's remix of Promises.
Not the same key of course.

Description : Heavy drop taken after the BAR9, Eptic and Skrillex kind of style - bass heavy and with vocal samples for the Eptic type feel.

Description : Drop from Zomboy and Skrillex songs with the ZSB twist. Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!

Description : Ableton ^^

Description : Remade in Ableton ^^

Description : Some Skrillex style drums.

Loops 76 - 100 of 205
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