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Description : Better quality, idk why, the melody is very generic and boring, but i listened to this loop: from jbricks (never heard of him) and oh well, made this in 5 minutes so i guess you could use it.

Description : Goes with string part 3...

Description : .....

Description : Another trap pack

Description : Nice smooth sitar sample by RAFZTAR.

Dont forget to send me songs you make using this

Description : This tune is a Mixture between a Sitar Melody in a western Music Style and a Marimba which could have been played on Guitar which I did first but I prefered the warm Marimba Sound as a contrast to the bright Sitar. it has some similarity to Bollywood mood, threrfore the title. Key is e Minor.

Description : Sitar / Oriental Loop in F# - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks

Description : 8 seamless bars of a sitar and tabla playing a mystical melody in an Indian temple.

Key: D Myxolydian

Description : decent sitar loop

Description : In this composition I played the Sarod in a different manner which is not common in the traditional Indian classical style. I used Guitar techniques and some kind of chords. The melody structure contains the same notes as Raga Kafi, an evening Raga. The tune is dominated by a comlicated rhythm: 8 beats accent of the first, fourth and seventh beat, like 123 123 12 followed by a fast melodic part.It is fusion music with Jazz elements and I like to add my western heritage (Guitar) to play it on an indian string instrument.
There is no category for Sarod, therefore I used Sitar.

Description : This is a night Raga of north Indian Classical Music for Sitar, the most famous plugged String Instrument of North India.
Raag Jog is an evening Raag played between 9 PM - 12 night.
In this Raag you use both thirds, E and E flat, also B flat, in Indian Music this is shudha Ga and Komal ga and B flat is Komal ni.
I created a melody with some of the characteristic notes of Raag Jog, also included some rhythmic elements to make the tune more colorful. At the end of the loop, I used a typical Indian musical phrase, a pattern which is repeated 3 times so that it fits to the 2 rhythmic cicles of 16 beats and meet exactly on the first beat where the loop starts again.

Description : Good morning from the land of the rising sun. I hope it's useful for some of you out there. Made in fl studio.

Description : This is a sitar ride from my trap instrumental song Trapped By Me. Enjoy & thanks a lot! Also, if you use any of my loops let me hear it by linking below!

Description : ......

Description : hope you enjoy!!!

Description : Created a north Indian melody, starts with a typical rhythmic Sitar or Sarod style followed by a tihai, which is a melody pattern which is repeated 3 times and in a Tal (rhythmic cycle) has to hit exactly the first beat of the cycle. In this case the 1 is the beginning of the loop.

Description : This is probably the first Sarod Loop at Looperman.
I play on the north Indian String Instrument Sarod a Melody, based on Asavari That. The Raga which is played in the morning hours. In this short sequence I integrated a few typical glissandi which are characteristic for Indian classical music. The scale is C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-Bb.
There is no category for Sarod, so I have chosen Sitar, which is a more known Instrument than the Sarod.

Description : not really a sitar loop...

Description : Created In FL Studio

Description : My second loop is a Sitar Melodie.

Description : E-F-G#-C
a trancy beat with a dark, otherworldly feel.
used Yamaha sitar sound, electric piano with various effects

Description : a sitar sound treated with some flange, chorus, modulation, reverb - all the usal suspects. sounds like an alien gathering of some sort

Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana"

part A:

Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana"

part B:

Description : Can be used with my sitar plucks.

Loops 76 - 100 of 130
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