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Description : Link me your beats with this loop

Description : Link your beats in the comments. Sitars seem to be underutilized in trap, so I chopped up and slowed down a sitar and it works quite well.

Prod by me 100 Racks.
Melody will sound cool pitched down -6 semitones.

Description : A Rap Trap West Coast Sitar Pluck type loop
Krexo Beats
Leave some feedback below!Cheers!
Support the artist!On my page!

Description : Backsound sitar enst.

Description : goes well with Night Time Drive

Description : grossbeat stutter on a Nexus String

Description : ethnic type. getting a lot of inspiration from my visit to dubai. sitting outside my apartment right now looking down at a busy road and a desert so this seemed fitting. i know this isnt what i usually post but this sounded too sick. post whatever you made with it. >:]

key is d harmonic minor

Description : Created with Alchemy

Description : ice chain pure water

Description : Pls Link Your Beats!

Description : Layered sitar melody

Description : giving me middle east vibes. made a super dope track with this so thought i would share. works well with super heavy 808s. scale is c minor hungarian (i think.) leave the dope track you made with this.

Description : Solo ,

Description : Yeah? Solo

Description : Hope usable

Description : brrr brrr

Description : Calm mysterious melody of Japanese sitar.
Your options in comentarii bro

Description : just a japanese sitar in a#, sounds mysterious and kinda spooky and dark

a#-key in japanese insen scale

Description : Show me your tracks boooi

Description : Created by KCKNDR using Sakura.
It is completely free and original.

Description : trap pluck made using gross beat effect

Description : Piano & Sitar. Migos/Travis Scott?

Description : 8 seamless bars of a sitar riff, played in a 1960's British Pop style.

Implied Harmony: E Blues

Description : Created by KCKNDR using Sakura.
It is completely free and original.

Loops 1 - 25 of 112
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