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Description : Made with GMS & Effectrix
In the key of D# minor
100% Royalty free, but feel free to share what ever you make with it!

Description : here is something els that came out of that same loop of me singing converted to midi ran thru midi plug in synth

Description : I made this synth out of a sound byte of singing toads. Please show me if you make something with this!

Description : Chill, smooth drums perfect for singing over.

Description : Choir is singing the everlasting boring Trap Notes. :) Choir Loop in G - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks

Description : Put a vocoder on my singing and turned it into an ambient pad. Reversing it has a neat effect.

Description : This is a nice loop of a Lithuanian singer.

Description : High singing choirs made in Nexus some few effects

Description : this is not a cover it is singing to the volcals of the song on lectric guitar it is not any part of the real song real song is all piano I made a tecno song out of it once became a hit on a nother sight not same exatly I played it then on guitar back in 2014 recorded and made tecno song now playing again and recorded for you too tinker with

Description : This is little subject of research & experiment between east & west, tone is belong to Punjabi folk or you can say the Bhangra beat is also related to raga bhairvi from Indian classical music, friends this is my vox, no autotune, in first four bar m singing Punjabi & after four bar m translating the lyrics in English hope you like & interesting chapter for you. peace.

Description : Hope usable

Description : D# Phrygian - Produced by CONTENT of Retro Crush
This loop is in the style of 2 Chainz, XXXTentacion and Drake. If you want the midi to the loop please visit our Looperman page for more information!!!

Description : synth loop

Description : industrial- made singing thru distortion guitar peadle setting industrial vocals

Description : made this singing thru distortion pedal setting industrial vocals then lil bit of editing

Description : its only 2 bars but when stretched too more bars it makes a good chorus too a rock song made this on guitar used lot flanger and chorus fx the more I listen to this as a loop it sounds like the music is singing that is a beautiful loop bop bop bahh I have been told I can make the guitar sing by other band mate in many bands growing up I think that's what they ment

Description : Help. This used to be a choir singing but then I dropped it and now... I hope someone can see through it and use it in their track. At the end. Muted. Made in FL Studio using way too many things. Tempo is 122 bpm. Key is F major or D minor. Chords are as follows: F - Dm7 - Am - C. Let me know what you create. - Mr. Spook'd

Description : 4 seamless bars of a boy trio singing soulful harmonies.

Implied Harmonies: Bbma7---Cm7/Bb

Try layering this loop with my Gentle 70's Funk Beat and see what happens.

Description : 8 seamless bars of a male vocal quintet singing a folky harmony.

Implied Harmonies: E---F#m7---A6---B7

Description : Singing To Heaven - matches the youre my angel vocal and the take me away vocal

Description : Singing Take Me Away - matches the key of the Youre My Angel Sample

Description : Singing Youre My Angel

Description : Singing Can You Feel It

Description : Singing go go go go up the scale

Description : Singing hey hey hey hey with panning

Loops 1 - 25 of 96
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