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Description : simple wubs

Description : simple wubs

Description : A simple violin

Description : Sakura plugins with some simple chords in E major.

If you need the notes in the chords let me know and I'll post em.
I'll eventually be able to speak in chords soon..

Description : Simple instrumental lol

Description : Dark Simple loop
Leave your tracks in the comments!
Made with Nexus

Description : Made with FabFilter Twin 2. Played in Cmin.

Description : These are off a track I just made made this one simple, check it out!
any questions feel free to ask. Key is F minor

Description : Simple 160 bpm Carti type loop. Link me your work below!

Description : Simple repetitive trap melody

Description : really simple lofi hiphop drum track. Made in fl 12. could be sad or happy ):(

Description : Fairly simple kinda dramatic sounding synthwave sounding keys

Description : A simple DnB loop i made on fl 12 with some dubstep kicks and snares. Hope you enjoy

Description : Pretty simple Dark/trap piano melody with a nice little build up

-Lemme know what you think

Description : Super simple guitar loop I recorded, quantized and added a tiny bit of effects too.
Sorry it's a little clicky I couldn't get it completely out.
Tempo is 80bpm but sounds a little better stretched out to 100bpm.
Please link to any work you make :)

Description : Type:Pad/Synth - Key:D Minor - BPM:160

If you use this loop in any of your productions, please share them with us in the comments below!

Description : Simple little piano melody

Description : just some quick simple drums plz give soundcloud - Mevdxws

Description : gunna type loop - simple guitar

Description : Made by rae instrumentals

Description : A simple pattern I made on my Teenage Engineering PO-16.

Description : Looped for 16 bars. Created in FL Studio with Omnisphere. Just used a simple piano and a bell synth.

Description : just some simple drums.

Description : Nice chords

Description : My first loop :)
Don't know the key to this one.
If you use this in a song please post the link so that I can see what you made :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 2627
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