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Description : Just a very simple loop made with an 808 kick, snare, open hat and a kick! Hope this is usable!
Description : This is a simple build-up with an 808 snare and a pitch automation clip!
The gap at the end is necessary so fill it up with FX or vocals!
Description : Simple Bass I had used in a beat
Description : Simple suicide boys type melody. Made with Nexus. Leave ur work in the comments, I will be happy to support it.
Description : A simple Dubstep Drum Loop. Enjoy :)
Description : Super simple, but made me think of some X sad x type shi
Description : B Locrian
Smooth and simple bell loop with effects. This loop is in the style of NAV x Lil Skies. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Head to our bio for more detail.
Description : Just a simple kick n snare.
Description : The same as my other, just with Hi-hats.
Description : My first :D
Description : Groovy drums
Description : simple drumloop with perc
Description : Simple snare loop I used with the 808 hi hat repeat I posted. Not really my style. Go crazy with it. Comment a link to your finished track if you want.
Description : Some simple but wavy bells. Leave me a link!
Description : A simple loop I made using Harmless in FL Studio 12. I plan on using it in an upcoming song but I also want to see how other people use this loop. I would appreciate if you link me to your song, but of course you don't have to. :)
Description : simple.... hope you like it,,,,
Description : Made with a simple sine wave and a low pass filter
Description : Some crazy effects on a simple melody
Enjoy :D
Description : simple as f**k,but nice as f**k
Description : Simple Chords with a Pluck.

Playboi Carti/Mexikodro/Famous Dex maybe?

Drop the links of your work in the comments!
Description : Something simple I came up with.
Description : Old school and simple
Description : aaaaaaaaaa
Description : Simple drum loop, has a nice flow though.
Description : pretty simple
Loops 1 - 25 of 2431
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