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Description : Percussion loop, 1 bar. It's me playing live on a djembe and making a shaker sound with my mouth. 120 bpm.
Description : hey ! here is a new drum loop with shaker, tambourine, cajon, djembe and percussions ! enjoy
Description : shaker
Description : hey! this is a new tropical/deep house loop you can use it with a kick and some reverb, it works great ! (snap, percussions, shaker)
Description : hey, this is my first loop ! hope you like it. I've already used it in a song and it sounds great with some reverb and a bit of delay. (clap, shaker, bongo, tamburin, percu, hat)
Description : Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Very simple beat. Little shaker added and mixed behind.
Description : Electro groove played on Roland TD-25 drum kit. Shaker and effects added.
Description : Nice loop ( the loop : Cymbal,Snare,kick,SubBass,Hat,Shaker and Rimshot )
Description : Rattling loop at 120 bpm. Four bars. Kick, snare, hats, shaker and a rattling sound.
Description : Weird triolic beat. Kick, snare, shaker and a slight bell.
Description : Warning, can make speaker emit balls of fire :)
Description : i made this with the instruments of trackgod. comment bellow what YOU made with this loop!! (WILLING TO CHANGE INSTRUMENT SOUND IF REQUESTED)
Description : drum loop ( snare & hi hat & shaker and kick ) enjoy
Description : Shaker. the rest of the loops can be found on my looperman page
Description : Happy Holidays, I present to you a feast of loops :) I spent a looooot of time doing this, so I hope you enjoy!!
Description : Percussion Loop
Description : Percussion Loop
Description : SHAKER AND BRUSH
Description : Live cocktail shaker with a little reverb.
Description : Let me know what you thinking about my loops & comments please
Description : Just a simple beat that would take a unique person to ride just right. Good lyrics and instruments this will rock hard!
Description : Its a beat with a nice shaker added to the equation.
Description : 140 BPM.
Loops 1 - 25 of 88
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