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Description : Tried to make a similar loop.

Did maker
Street Dancer
Shaker shaker
Hey, party maker

Description : Treasures on K7 (cassette) - I will upload recordings from my teenage years which I found on old cassettes!
This is a recording of me hitting a stick on an iron pot which is has some water in it. Followed by some shaker-a-like sound. Tempo 126 bpm. Useful as fill in or percussion.

Description : for drums

Description : Simple

Description : I did this loop in Fl studio, feel free to use this loop and comment what you do with it.

Description : Just a drum loop i did with
grovkick, Hi hat, Shaker, Snare

Description : Drumloop for every one! Enjoy! link me to your project

Description : contains hats, claps, snares, zay shaker, sticks, fill-in toms and a cymbal
fits to some nice piano melodies

Description : a slightly rhythmic shaker loop.

Description : Dancehall x AfroTrap

Description : contact me for custom loops, vocals and more

Description : Shaker

Description : its a shaker loop but with sea shells

Description : Make sure to leave some links and check out my sample beat for those drums under "tracks" at my profile :)

Description : A drum loop including Kick, Snare, Hihats (open and closed) as well as a Shaker.

Description : kick, snare, hi hat and shaker pattern
lil pump lil peep juice wrld matro boomin cardi b 6ix9ine sixnine

show me what u made with this

Description : beat with a shaker

Description : An egg shaker loop I recorded. Send me a link if you use it! :)

Description : I made this loop with propellerhead reason 8 and it includes: opened and closed hihats, a kick and a bass drum, a basic rim and a rim distorted, a combined snare and clap, 2 different types of shaker, a tambourine with reverb, an fx vinyl crack and a chord fx.
Enjoy and if you like it, please leave comments

Description : Use it for free.

Description : Use it for free.

Description : trap drums


Description : It is. 27 + 20. I made this 120 bpm 8-bar loop.
Heavy kick and snare, some toms, hihats, shaker and at the end a reversed, tuned down cymbal.

Description : Shaker recorderd in stereo at 120 BPM with a pair of Rode NT5s - completely dry and unprocessed for you to work with. If you use this sample, please post a link to the finished track in the comments for me to take a listen, thanks!

Loops 1 - 25 of 118
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