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Description : Vox Scratch 5 120

Description : Vox Scratch 4 120

Description : Vox Scratch 3 120

Description : Vox Scratch 2 120

Description : Vox Scratch 1 120

Description : Fast as in a fast melody not fast as in tempo.
Created from a synth sounds that I created from scratch in Reason 4.

Description : Created with samples from messing around with the wires from the crappy mi jam scratch toy. This is from my 1st circuit bending attempt.

Description : 16 beat hip hop sequence, with added vocals and a scratch effect!

Description : break beat mix with tom scratch

Description : Made in Reason 4.

Description : frequency sweeps sounds like scratch

Description : scratch

Description : loud volume backwards scratch

Description : Made in Reason 4

Description : Made with acid and fruity loops

Description : Walking open G chord. MP3 preview has scratch at the end the down loadable wave does not.

Description : midi file rec in logic

Description : A special pad-loop for HipHop.
Maybe a bit strange, but it's the way it is.
HipHop, pad, kick, hi hat, scratch

Description : My own replica of the Amen Break made from scratch.

Loops 201 - 219 of 219
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