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Description : for your phonk/trill/$uicideboy$ type tracks. one for the ladies make a sexy ass saxophone beat wit dis. show me what u do

Description : hmu if u use this

Description : This is part 3/3 check profile for the others

Description : Flute or Saxophone for Shame

Description : hmu if u make anything with this

Description : would sound cool an octave down, lemme know if u use this

Description : 6 bars of a Saxophone

Description : I hope you like my saxophone

Description : A improvised saxophone melody. It can be used for jazz,blues, lofi hip hop, jazzhop...As long as it vibes.
Make sure to link any song you make,I'm curious how people will use this sample ^^
If needed
Bassline Dm///C///x3 Bb///Bb///

Description : Looperman took down my layered loop. You can find the loop titled Piano on my page.

Description : 4 bars of a punctuated saxophone quartet.


Description : Saxophone in 2 versions, single and chord

Description : 8 seamless bars of a tenor saxophone playing in a narrow city alleyway. Implied harmony: C Blues.

Description : loop 8 bar of saxophone made on FL studio 12

Description : some groovy saxophone tune for you.

Description : WARNING: This is an earworm or catchy tune!
Long time ago I listened in Berlin to an American Indian, the late Chic Carter, playing a tune on Saxophone with a Jazz Trio. Although many years have past I still remember this music and I arranged it for Steel String Guitar. It is a kind of archaic music pattern which you also might have heard in many other music genre. It is a perfect base for Improvisation which I have worked with teaching Guitar. Chords: d minor C major B flat Major A major. This loop will be continued with a second loop.

Description : Classical-Pop

Description : Classical-Pop

Description : Some jazzy chill-house loop. Feel free to use

Description : Hope you enjpoy it ;D

Description : .....

Description : Created in FL Studio using Edirol Orchestral

Description : Mississippi saxophone

Description : Mississippi saxophone

Description : Reiner saxophone
Chords: Dm / A7

Loops 1 - 25 of 47
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