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Description : Looperman took down my layered loop. You can find the loop titled Piano on my page.
Description : Saxophone loop created at 84 bpm,G in FL Studio. This is the brass portion of this set.
Description : Saxophone section doing a percussive rhythm.
Description : 4 bars of a punctuated saxophone quartet. Amaj7---G#min7----F#min7---G#min7----F#dim7
Description : Saxophone in 2 versions, single and chord
Description : 8 seamless bars of a tenor saxophone playing in a narrow city alleyway. Implied harmony: C Blues.
Description : loop 8 bar of saxophone made on FL studio 12
Description : some groovy saxophone tune for you.
Description : WARNING: This is an earworm or catchy tune! Long time ago I listened in Berlin to an American Indian, the late Chic Carter, playing a tune on Saxophone with a Jazz Trio. Although many years have past I still remember this music and I arranged it for Steel String Guitar. It is a kind of archaic music pattern which you also might have heard in many other music genre. It is a perfect base for Improvisation which I have worked with teaching Guitar. Chords: d minor C major B flat Major A major. This loop will be continued with a second loop.
Description : Classical-Pop
Description : Classical-Pop
Description : Some jazzy chill-house loop. Feel free to use
Description : Hope you enjpoy it ;D
Description : .....
Description : Created in FL Studio using Edirol Orchestral
Description : Mississippi saxophone
Description : Mississippi saxophone
Description : Reiner saxophone Chords: Dm / A7
Description : Reiner tenor saxophone solo on chords: Abm7 / Db7 Eb7
Description : Saxophone steps in C minor key by my brother Bpm are indicative
Description : Reiner saxophone free solo, bpm are indicative (Cmaj7 key)
Description : Tenor saxophone played by my friend Reiner in G minor key
Description : Tenor saxophone from my song "Boring afternoon" (listen it in my section > tracks) My friend Reiner played his sax in this song.
Description : Tenor saxophone solo in Cm jazzy blues from my song "Aradaz mistery". My friend Reiner played his sax in this song.
Description : Balkan Style... If you want to use this,just let me know
Loops 1 - 25 of 40
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