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Description : send me ur tracks

Description : Original by Oldrockandroller.
Use freely
4 bars long

Description : chill out sax loop

Description : sax loop

Description : Doses de Melodias '
Feito com o Purity.
- Gostaria de ver o que você fez com o loop, se você puder e quiser me mostrar, agradeço.
Faça bom uso!

Description : 6 bars using a DN-e1; started with a Sax, then set it to "Short Pluse"
Original by Oldrockandroller
Use freely as you wish

Description : This is fun learning how to play

Description : sax loop

Description : sax loop with chorus, phaser and overdrive

Description : I'm blessing y'all with these loops today

Go to my profile to request custom loops

Description : Progression is- C#, D
Go to my profile to request custom loops

Description : i'd be glad to hear whatever you make

Description : Sax playing the C scale notes.
Starts out in C2.
4 Bars

Description : Flute or Saxophone for Shame

Description : show me if u use this

Description : (Simple) Sad Sax 118bpm Aminor

Description : sax loop

Description : reggae sax loop

Description : sax loop

Description : Brass Loop - Alto Sax. FL Studio. Oldie of mine, still useful. Interested sample I created for yall to use. Time to Reup for 2018 mixers. Lets get it! Peace.

Description : Just chopped a loop that I made with a pad, sax & flute. My first upload so please leave feedback. I'd also like to hear how you fellas flip this loop so feel free to drop links in the comments!

Description : balcanic sax loop

Description : 6 bars of a Saxophone

Description : Lemme know what you think.

Description : Soulful/bluesy riff played on a 1954 Conn 10m

Loops 1 - 25 of 477
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