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Description : Lemme know what you think.
Description : Soulful/bluesy riff played on a 1954 Conn 10m
Description : Hip Hop Sax .. Made in FL Studio 12 .. Please send me a link if you use it in a song
Description : Sax loop I made in Maschine was gonna use but I'm scrapping it. I would love to hear it if you use it.
Description : Made in FL Studio 12.5
Description : A loop my band was going to use on our upcoming album, song got scrapped so I thought I might upload it here. Could sound great in any genre, but I used it for a 90's boom-bap hip hop style. Show me what you make!
Description : Keep it up
Description : 8 seamless bars of a bouncy jazz riff, brisk tempo, played in three octaves by 2 flutes and a tenor sax, in a 1950's Bebop style.

Implied harmony: F Harmonic Minor
Description : dub, reggae, chill out...
Description : Tenors ensemble in Bbm7 key as played by Dan for my jazz-samba "Arzurà"
Description : A free impro by Dan playing an original 160 bpm Em jazz-bop of mine
Description : A free impro by Dan playing a G jazz-blues with me
Description : weird sax loop
Description : chill out
Description : Dan in my samba "June samba". Cmaj key (12 measures)
Description : Dan playing in a jazz-bossa track by mine in CMA7 key
Description : sax loop
Description : Dan solo for a jazz-shuffle track of mine. Chords: GMa7/GMa7/Em/Em7/CMa7/Am7/F9/Am7 D7b9/
Description : .............
Description : ..........
Description : Extract from Dan' solo in my jazz-blues track "The usual rendez vous". Dm key
Description : ...........
Description : ..........
Description : ..........
Description : ...........
Loops 1 - 25 of 455
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