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Description : Mexican trumpet loop. hope it is useful. plz leave work in comments.

Description : harmor

Description : Created for my guitar track

Description : Chords: A / G (or Gadd5) / D / E E7

Description : Tune: Cm (made for salsa). Follow me on:

Description : fruity loops

Description : fruity loops

Description : fruity loops

Description : This is another basic clave loop for Salsa or Latin-influenced styles, only in 2-3 son clave.

Description : This is a Latin rhythm, very basic but essential to salsa music. I often use these clave loops to practice on my congas, but if you're doing a reggaetón/salsa fusion project or something like that a clave is a good one to have.

Description : Formerly on my tracks section. It's purely a drum beat I created playing live on my Yamaha DD-20c a lil while back. I was originally wanting to make an entire piece with this, but never got around to it. So now I pass it on to you, my fellow L-peeps.

Description : percussion rec in audio logic

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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