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Description : Here's an original sound effect, with a simple High Pass roll in. I used this in my most recent song "S.C.U" if you would like to check it out in a live song. Link is on my profile
Description : Just a pattern made with Sytrus in FL Studio 12.
Description : Made with Banjo V2, using a piano roll to adjust and place notes.
Original by Oldrockandroller (use as you wish!)
Description : Some random trap hi hat with roll and variation.
Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Description : Roll Out Phase Arp 148bpm Cminor
Description : Roll Out Drum Beat 148bpm
Description : Rock and Roll rhythm
8 bars
Made using a Piano Roll to place notes
Description : triplet snare rolls,
Description : Show me your tracks guys!
Description : Time to crush the competition. No more games. Trap infused with a electronic style. Eminor

Description : 8 bars
Original and edited on a piano roll
Description : 8 bars of a Concert Guitar (Club)Nylon
Made using a piano roll editor, set at 120 bpm
Description : Trap Pad
Description : Second Trap Piano
Description : Trap Piano
Description : Made this two 808 Snare roll will be sick to use on trap beats. Its dope! enjoy!
Description : 4 Bars of a Violin loop, at 120 bpm
Created using Music Maker 2014; Vita 2 in Piano Roll notation
Description : Same notes and bpm as the Violin 202 Loop (the two run together or back to back)
Made with Music Match 2014 piano roll and midi files, converted to wav format.
Description : A banjo sound made with Music Maker 2014
Keys (Notes) this uses on a piano roll are;
6 Bars @ 100bpm
NOTE: Sorry Carl, it was first uploaded at the wrong bpm.
Description : Another slow dark track, perfect for serious or sad trap beats. Post a link if you use it!
Description : A nice roll of lead from a cat
Description : Made in FL using the default preset for the 3x Osc with Saw - Sine - Sine
Description : i tried to make it just like the one in his song ice cream truck
Description : Just a short trap snare build kind of thing. Filtered
Loops 1 - 25 of 267
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