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Description : Created with: Simmons SDS-2000 (Mid Tom)
NOTE: If you would like this tom roll in the original 24Bit format, email me and I'll send you the Dropbox link.
Description : Chill HipHop Drums with a band pass filter in intro and on most percussion, except on Kick, SD & HH. Deep Kick, 808 HH, Tight Snappy Snare, SD Roll FX panning, 4 different HH, 3 of then have BP Filter, a low key Rev swells into the SD on the 2 & 4 beat.
Description : Ableton.
Description : you get the point
Description : everything just no 808 or roll
Description : everything just no rolls
comment if use
Description : 8 bars of a Concert Guitar laid out on a piano roll.
Use as you wish!
If you like it, please let me know.
Thanks for listening.
Description : Melody made in Caustic then converted to FL Studio piano roll. Used Sylenth1 synth.
Description : Hope this is useful
Description : 2 bar slow loop, 100 bpm. banging kick, nervously rattling hats and snare roll. Jack Matthew Tyson.
Description : Had an idea to do a hi hat roll where all I do is go down 3 octaves on the same note. Tried it when I got home and it worked lol
Description : Made in FL Studio

@rexbeatz_ ON Instagram
Description : Here's an original sound effect, with a simple High Pass roll in. I used this in my most recent song "S.C.U" if you would like to check it out in a live song. Link is on my profile
Description : Just a pattern made with Sytrus in FL Studio 12.
Description : Made with Banjo V2, using a piano roll to adjust and place notes.
Original by Oldrockandroller (use as you wish!)
Description : Some random trap hi hat with roll and variation.
Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Description : Roll Out Phase Arp 148bpm Cminor
Description : Roll Out Drum Beat 148bpm
Description : Rock and Roll rhythm
8 bars
Made using a Piano Roll to place notes
Description : triplet snare rolls,
Description : Show me your tracks guys!
Description : Time to crush the competition. No more games. Trap infused with a electronic style. Eminor

Description : 8 bars
Original and edited on a piano roll
Description : 8 bars of a Concert Guitar (Club)Nylon
Made using a piano roll editor, set at 120 bpm
Description : Trap Pad
Loops 1 - 25 of 278
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