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Description : Feel free to use

Description : Made in EXS24, used as outline to help record sounds.

Description : Made this using Kontakt enjoy.

Description : Short distorted guitar loop, ideally for hip hop or rock beat. Feel free to link me to anything you use it in!

Description : This is a slow picked chord progression on an electric guitar. I recorded this with modern country in mind, but it could be used for soft rock or other genres as well!

To make this loop, I used my fender strat and my Line 6 HX Effects Pedal.

If you like this loop, make sure to let me know down in the comments and check out some of my other loops on my profile. Thanks for listening!

Description : Drum Beat in FL


Description : 808 LOOP HEAVY! SEND ME WHAT YOU MAKE! :)

Description : Made with Kontakt, and Xpand.
Heavily edited in Effectrix.

Use if you like, and do link what you make yo!

if you want custom loops from me, or wanna work, do email me too, check my profile for that.

Description : All sounds are from the same guitar of course.

Indie Rock, but it can be used for boom bap style hiphop or an eminem type beat

Added an ambient reverb effect, Distortion, Etc. The regular stuff

Description : using a fender line 6 amp and joyo American pedal

Description : on washburn Chicago series this is my first guitar it Is black charcoal rain finish loks like piece of road cut out I have put 2 green bombers in it for sound caps and has 2 difernt size bleeds on vol pot for more haromics and controlled feed back to suit my style of playing

Description : idk what genre this fits in. make suggestions in the comments :)

Description : 4 seamless bars of a steady, insistent, mellow groove in a Folk-Rock style, with a highly-swung 16th implication. Fingersnaps and guitar scratches add color.

Description : I will be making a "PnB Type Beat" will be on my YouTube soon! Anyways I am here to share it with you guys! ENJOY! Check Profile for da link.

Description : Used Omnisphere to create this melody. Works well at 100bpm and 140bpm also. Hope it's useful. Let me hear what you done with it.

Description : rock sounding drums with some swiiiiiiing

Description : Acoustic drums recorded with AT2020usb+ mic on macbook air 2012 with audacity (just need to get the hang of reaper and I'll switch to it for editing v soon!). Just a simple groove that could be good for a sad hip-hop song or a kind of progressive rock ballad or whatever. (it's supposed to have that pause at the end btw, it's not a loose remainder that I forgot to cut - you'll hear it when you loop it in your daw)

Description : the key is e minor.

Description : Brisk tempo Latin strict cha-cha-cha groove. 8 seamless bars.

Description : from mrtal hybrid i did

Description : Took me 30-45 minutes to make this. wanted to be special i hope it is! let me know. made in fl studio

Description : trAP roCK guitaR uSINg frUIty loOPS20 SYtrus ELECtriIC5 SoundZ
REverB X DelAY X LOve FILteR

Description : electric guitar loop

Description : Was trying to come up with something that sounds like ICYTWAT on my guitar? Chords are Dmaj9, Dbmin9, Cmaj9, Bmaj9. I used Acid Rock XS preset for the Hardcore VST effects in FL. Hope usable.

Loops 1 - 25 of 941
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