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Description : Heavy half time shuffle with double kick. Real played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : No toms, no cymbals, no variations. Simple but real played. Played and recorded from my electronic drum kit.
Description : 100 bpm rock alike loop Same loop as Glad U R my friend, but the friend brought his toms! Made by Jack Matthew Tyson (me) on Cubase 9
Description : Two bar rock loop, 100 bpm. Made with Cubase 9. If used, as always, I would love to hear the result! Hihats are in triplet pattern
Description : Just a bridge part for a little more variety.
Description : It's toms time again!
Description : Surprise!! Another fill.
Description : An ending that slows in tempo.
Description : And even another fill.
Description : Yet another fill.
Description : Another fill.
Description : An Ending.
Description : A high energy drum fill for some variety.
Description : Another Tom heavy loop fit for a bridge section or an intro.
Description : High energy chorus drum loop.
Description : High energy Pre Chorus Loop.
Description : High energy verse drum loop.
Description : A high energy drum intro loop.
Description : Nice and quick ending drum part.
Description : A nice fill.
Description : A nice "tommy" bridge loop.
Description : A nice bridge drum loop.
Description : A drum loop that fits well under a chorus.
Description : A drum loop that fits well under a Pre Chorus section.
Description : A drum loop that works well as a verse part.
Loops 1 - 25 of 2179
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