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Description : bunch bits that go with loads of stuff if the producer knows how too use this stuff right

Description : 4 seamless bars of a steady, insistent, mellow groove in a Folk-Rock style, with a highly-swung 16th implication. Fingersnaps and guitar scratches add color.

Description : I will be making a "PnB Type Beat" will be on my YouTube soon! Anyways I am here to share it with you guys! ENJOY! Check Profile for da link.

Description : Let me know what you did with this in the comments.
leave the link, thanks

Description : Used a Black Box.. Pretty nice syncopated echo

Description : Piano reverse sound making it sound more juice wrld x trippie redd vibe.

Description : Used Omnisphere to create this melody. Works well at 100bpm and 140bpm also. Hope it's useful. Let me hear what you done with it.

Description : subscribe to pewdiepie

Description : Happy new year dawgs this is my new sample use it for profit or non profit its free if you want show me to suport (Post in comment)

Description : rock sounding drums with some swiiiiiiing

Description : Be creative, be simple

Description : Dance in peace.

Description : Acoustic drums recorded with AT2020usb+ mic on macbook air 2012 with audacity (just need to get the hang of reaper and I'll switch to it for editing v soon!). Just a simple groove that could be good for a sad hip-hop song or a kind of progressive rock ballad or whatever. (it's supposed to have that pause at the end btw, it's not a loose remainder that I forgot to cut - you'll hear it when you loop it in your daw)

Description : rocking scream

Description : my pain runs thru your veins champagne ruins every thing

Description : A slow, melancholic type of progression, tuned a half-step down.

Description : Electric Guitar open strings, with two exceptions.
8 bars by Oldrockandroller.
Freely use

Description : the key is e minor.

Description : Brisk tempo Latin strict cha-cha-cha groove. 8 seamless bars.

Description : 8 seamless bars of a brisk 16th-note riff played on hand percussion in an expressive space.

Description : from mrtal hybrid i did

Description : Took me 30-45 minutes to make this. wanted to be special i hope it is! let me know. made in fl studio

Description : Laid-back shuffle with big, triplet-flavored swing to it. 4 seamless bars.

Description : A riff I made with the plugin Omnisphere

Description : A riff I made with the plugin Omnisphere

Loops 1 - 25 of 2617
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